134. Abraham Hillhouse7 Mccausland (Frederick6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(487) was born in Culmore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland 1743.(488) Abraham died 1820 at 77 years of age.(489)

He married Elizabeth Anderson in Newtown Limavady, Co. Derry, Ireland, 1 March 1765.(490) Elizabeth was born 1743.(491) Elizabeth(492) was the daughter of John Anderson and Jane Cochrane. Elizabeth died 1828 at 85 years of age.(493)

Occupation: Merchant.

Abraham Hillhouse Mccausland and Elizabeth Anderson had the following children:

child 208 i. Frederick8 Mccausland(494) was born 1767.(495)

child 209 ii. Jane Mccausland(496) was born 1767.(497) Jane died 1826 at 59 years of age.(498)

child 210 iii. John Mccausland(499) was born 1768.(500)

child 211 iv. Frederick Mccausland(501) was born 1770.(502) Frederick died 1810 at 40 years of age.(503)

child 212 v. Rachel Mccausland(504) was born 1771.(505) Rachel died 1855 at 84 years of age.(506)

child 213 vi. Abraham Mccausland(507) was born 1772.(508) Abraham died 1804 in Santa Domingo, at 32 years of age.(509)

child + 214 vii. Elizabeth Mccausland was born 1774.(510)

child 215 viii. Anne Mccausland(511) was born 1775.(512)

child + 216 ix. Anderson Mccausland was born 1776.(513)

child 217 x. Margaret Mccausland(514) was born 1777.(515) Margaret died 1859 at 82 years of age.(516) She married W. Canack. W. died 1839.(517)

child 218 xi. Conolly Mccausland(518) was born 1778.(519)

child 219 xii. Matilda Mccausland(520) was born 1780.(521)

child + 220 xiii. Rebecca Mccausland was born 1781.(522)

child 221 xiv. Rosina Mccausland was born 1783.(523) Rosina died 1854 at 71 years of age.(524) She married John Harvey 1813.(525)

child + 222 xv. Marcus Mccausland was born 1785.(526)

child 223 xvi. Theodosia Sally Mccausland was born 1788.(527) Theodosia died 1872 at 84 years of age.(528) She married Tom Harvey June 1819.(529)

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