303. John Kennedy9 Mccausland (Marcus Langford8, Dominick7, Marcus6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(1035) was born in Co. Dublin, Ireland 1 June 1803. John died 23 July 1879 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, at 76 years of age.

He married twice. He married Ann Mcquire. Ann was born about 1810. He married Emma Faithfull in Simla, India, 26 July 1834.(1036) Emma was born in India 16 October 1816.(1037) Emma(1038) was the daughter of William Conrad Faithfull and Maria Agg. Emma died 28 July 1889 in England, at 72 years of age. She was baptized in Cossipore, India, 24 April 1817. Religion: religion unknown.(1039)

Occupation: Lieutenant General.

John Kennedy Mccausland and Ann Mcquire had the following child:

child 397 i. John Kennedy10 Mccausland(1040) was born in India 1829.(1041) John died 2 July 1865 in Almora, India, at 36 years of age.(1042) Occupation: Lieutenant, 4th Gurkas.

John Kennedy Mccausland and Emma Faithfull had the following children:

child 398 ii. Maria Mccausland was born in Subatoo, India 13 July 1835.(1043) Maria died 20 July 1836 in Subatoo, India, at 1 year of age. She was baptized in Simla, India, 21 October 1835. Religion: religion unknown.(1044)

child + 399 iii. William Henry Mccausland was born 11 May 1836.(1045)

child 400 iv. Emma Mccausland was born in Subatoo, India 16 August 1837.(1046) Emma died 1857 in Cawnpore, India, at 19 years of age.(1047) She married R. Captain Lowis 1857.(1048) R. died 1857 in Cawnpore, India.(1049)

She was baptized in Subatoo, India, 1 April 1838. Religion: religion unknown.(1050)

child 401 v. Caroline Mccausland was born in Subatoo, India 18 November 1838.(1051) She was baptized in Subatoo, India, 20 February 1839. Religion: religion unknown.(1052)

child 402 vi. Charles Kennedy Mccausland(1053) was born in Akyab, India 25 June 1844.(1054) Charles died 1878 at 34 years of age.(1055) He was baptized in Almora, India, 13 December 1844. Religion: religion unknown.(1056)

child 403 vii. Alfred Augustus Mccausland was born in Akyab, India 26 October 1845.(1057) Alfred died 1891 at 45 years of age.(1058) He was baptized in Almora, India, 23 November 1845. Religion: religion unknown.(1059)

child 404 viii. Clara Lumley Mccausland(1060) was born in Mussoorie, India 3 March 1848.(1061) She married Turner Poulter Clarke in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, 20 August 1871.(1062) Turner was born in Little Meeting H., Saffron Walden, Essex 6 December 1803.(1063) Turner was the son of Turner Poulter Clarke and Elizabeth _. Turner died after 1900.(1064) He was baptized in St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London, 21 April 1843. Religion: religion unknown.(1065)

She was baptized in Landour, India, 26 May 1848. Religion: religion unknown.(1066)

child 405 ix. Arthur Kennedy Mccausland was born in Landour, India 14 October 1850.(1067) He married Frances Doyle after 1880.(1068) Frances died before 1909 in St. Paul, Minnesota.(1069)

He was baptized in Landour, India, 20 December 1850. Religion: religion unknown.(1070)

child + 406 x. Chester Stanley Mccausland was born 10 August 1854.(1071)

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