60. Marcus6 Mccausland (Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1) was born in Daisy Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland 7 October 1717.(260) Marcus died about 1783.(261)

He married Elizabeth Heyland in Ireland, 8 December 1741.(262) Elizabeth is the daughter of Dominick Heyland.

Marcus Mccausland and Elizabeth Heyland had the following children:

child + 119 i. Hannah7 Mccausland.

child 120 ii. Conolly Mccausland(263) was born in Daisy Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland.(264)

child 121 iii. Elizabeth Mccausland(265). She married _ Campbell.

child 122 iv. Mary Mccausland. She married _ Chadwich.

child 123 v. John Mccausland(266).

child 124 vi. Marcus Mccausland(267).

child 125 vii. Hercules Mccausland(268).

child + 126 viii. Robert Mccausland was born 1742.(269)

child + 127 ix. Dominick Mccausland was born 1745.(270)

child + 128 x. Sarah Mccausland was born about 1760.(271)

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