116. Sarah7 Mccausland (Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(412) was born in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland 27 January 1759.(413) Sarah died 1823 at 64 years of age.(414)

She married George Crookshank Kennedy in Derry Cathedral, Londonderry, Ireland, 19 September 1777.(415) George was born in Beech Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland 4 March 1752.(416) George(417) was the son of William Kennedy and Easter Crookshank. George died 31 January 1819 at 66 years of age.(418)

Sarah Mccausland and George Crookshank Kennedy had the following children:

child 180 i. Sarah8 Kennedy(419). Sarah died 19 April 1873 in Greencastle, Derry Co., Ireland.(420) She married Samuel Molyneux Crookshank in Glendermont, Derry Co., Ireland, 3 April 1809.(421) Samuel was born in Co. Dublin, Ireland 6 April 1781.(422) (Additional notes for Samuel Molyneux Crookshank(423)) Samuel died 21 August 1826 in Laurel Hill, Passage West, Cork, Ireland, at 45 years of age.(424)

child 181 ii. Easter Kennedy(425). Easter died 1862.(426) She married John Dysart.

child 182 iii. Elizabeth Kennedy(427).

child 183 iv. Theodisa Kennedy(428). She married George Keele.

child 184 v. Conolly Mccausland Kennedy(429) was born in Co. Derry, Ireland 3 February 1778.(430) Conolly died 1854 at 76 years of age.(431) He married Catherine Spottiswoode 6 March 1812.(432) Catherine is the daughter of John Spottiswoode.

child 185 vi. William Kennedy(433) was born in Co. Derry, Ireland 15 September 1779.(434) William died 25 October 1802 in Canton, China, at 23 years of age.(435) Occupation: HEICS.

child 186 vii. George Kennedy was born in Co. Derry, Ireland 13 January 1782.(436)

child 187 viii. Thomas Kennedy(437) was born in Co. Derry, Ireland 16 January 1789.(438) Thomas died 21 December 1827 at 38 years of age.(439) Occupation: HEICS, 10th Drags.

child + 188 ix. Alexander Kennedy was born 28 February 1795.(440)

child + 189 x. Pitt Kennedy was born 13 July 1797.(441)

child 190 xi. Marcus Kennedy was born 24 January 1799.(442) Marcus died 26 July 1804 at 5 years of age.(443)

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