174. Marcus8 Gage (Marcus Gage7 Mccausland, Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1) was born in Streeve Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland 1796.(631) Marcus died 1856 at 60 years of age.(632)

He married Rachel Jane Mccausland in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland, 29 April 1823.(633) Rachel was born in Streeve Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland.(634) Rachel is the daughter of Conolly Mccausland and Sarah Mccausland.

Marcus Gage and Rachel Jane Mccausland had the following children:

child 262 i. Marcus Gage9 Mccausland(635) was born in Ballynacree House, Co. Antrim, Ireland.(636) Marcus died 1897.(637) He married Harriet Lenox Conyngham 1854.(638) Harriet was born in Spring Hill, Co. Derry, Ireland.(639) Harriet is the daughter of William Lenox Conyngham.

child 263 ii. Sarah Mccausland. She married G. B. Stirling.

child 264 iii. Julia Mccausland. Julia died 1890.(640) She married _ Norton. (Additional notes for _ Norton(641)) _ died 1890.(642) Occupation: Captain.

child 265 iv. Conolly Mccausland.

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