115. Marcus Gage7 Mccausland (Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(391) was born in Ireland 28 August 1755.(392) Marcus died 1815 at 59 years of age.(393)

He married Julia Stirling in Ballyrena, Co. Derry, Ireland, 24 January 1788.(394) Julia was born in Derry Co., Ireland.(395) Julia died 1839.(396)

Marcus Gage Mccausland and Julia Stirling had the following children:

child 169 i. James8 Gage(397).

child 170 ii. Hodson Gage(398).

child 171 iii. Theodoria Gage(399).

child 172 iv. Eliza Gage was born 1790.(400) Eliza died 1791 at 1 year of age.(401)

child + 173 v. Conolly Gage was born 1791.(402)

child + 174 vi. Marcus Gage was born 1796.(403)

child 175 vii. Alexander Gage was born 1798.(404) Alexander died 1798 at less than one year of age.(405)

child 176 viii. Angelica Gage(406) was born 1799.(407) Angelica died 1821 at 22 years of age.(408)

child + 177 ix. Julia Gage was born about 1802.(409)

child + 178 x. Robert Gage was born 1804.(410)

child + 179 xi. William Charles Gage was born 1810.(411)

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