462. Conolly Robert11 Mccausland (Maurice Marcus10, Conolly Thomas9, Marcus8, Conolly7, Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(1341) was born 11 July 1906.(1342) Conolly died 22 April 1968 at 61 years of age.(1343)

He married Margaret Louisa Edgcumbe 6 June 1932.(1344) (Additional notes for Margaret Louisa Edgcumbe(1345)) Occupation: Lady.

Occupation: Lt. Col.

Conolly Robert Mccausland and Margaret Louisa Edgcumbe had the following children:

child 521 i. Mary Fania12 Mccausland(1346). She married Denis Pascual Mahony. Denis(1347) is the son of Edmond Ronayne Mahony.

child + 522 ii. Anthony Richard Mccausland.

child 523 iii. Caroline Anne Mccausland(1348). She married Simon Maxwell Weatherby. Simon(1349) is the son of Peter Mansfield Weatherby and Mary Helen Kathleen Bangor.

child 524 iv. Piers Conolly Mccausland(1350). He married Elizabeth Duff. Elizabeth(1351) is the daughter of James Duff.

child + 525 v. Marcus Edgcumbe Mccausland was born 8 September 1933.

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