259. Conolly Thomas9 Mccausland (Marcus8, Conolly7, Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(907) was born in Drenagh, Derry Co., Ireland 13 May 1828.(908) Conolly died 25 June 1902 at 74 years of age.(909)

He married Laura Saint John in Melchbouene, Bedford, England, 25 July 1867.(910) Laura was born in Melchbouene Park, Bedford, England about 1842.(911) Laura(912) was the daughter of Saint Andrew Beauchamp Saint John and Eleanor Hussey. Laura died 21 October 1919 at 77 years of age.(913)

Occupation: Capt.

Conolly Thomas Mccausland and Laura Saint John had the following children:

child + 360 i. Maurice Marcus10 Mccausland.

child 361 ii. Eleanor Marianne Katherine Mccausland(914) was born 18 July 1868.(915) Eleanor died 11 January 1942 at 73 years of age.(916) She married Walter Ralph Hackett 19 July 1907.(917) Walter(918) was the son of _ Hackett. Walter died 4 October 1916 in Thiepval.(919) Occupation: Lieutenant.

She was baptized in St. Marylebone, St. Mary, London, Eng., 15 August 1868. Religion: religion unknown.(920)

child + 362 iii. Lucia Mccausland was born 18 October 1869.(921)

child 363 iv. Geraldine Mccausland(922) was born 30 November 1870.(923) Geraldine died 12 June 1955 at 84 years of age.(924) She married Henry Burroughs Ford 10 October 1910.(925) Henry was the son of Charles Wilbraham Ford. Henry died 30 May 1954.(926) Occupation: Colonel 29th Punjabi Regt.

child 364 v. Patrick Mccausland(927) was born in Marylebone, St. Thomas, London, England 14 June 1874.(928) Patrick died 20 March 1941 at 66 years of age.(929) Occupation: Captain.

child 365 vi. Julia Sydney Mccausland(930) was born 9 July 1876.(931) Julia died 15 October 1921 at 45 years of age.(932) She married Richard Ashmur Blair Young 8 October 1902.(933) Richard(934) was the son of Richard James Coldwell Young. Richard died 12 May 1947.(935) Occupation: Colonel.

child 366 vii. Lettice Theodosia Mccausland(936) was born 16 December 1877.(937) Lettice died 22 January 1957 at 79 years of age.(938)

child 367 viii. Emily Octavia Mccausland(939) was born 31 December 1879.(940) Emily died 30 May 1966 at 86 years of age.(941)

child + 368 ix. Edward Thomas William Mccausland was born 11 December 1883.(942)

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