166. Marcus8 Mccausland (Conolly7, Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(601) was born in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland 24 April 1787.(602) Marcus died 18 January 1862 in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland, at 74 years of age.(603)

He married Marianne Tyndall in St. Michaels, Bristol Glou., England, 5 September 1815.(604) Marianne(605) was the daughter of Thomas Tyndall and Marrianne Schimmelpennick. Marianne died 22 August 1864.(606)

Marcus Mccausland and Marianne Tyndall had the following children:

child + 252 i. Theodosia Sydney9 Mccausland.

child 253 ii. Henrietta Caroline Mccausland. Henrietta died 24 July 1897.(607) She married Edwin Henry Vaughan in Ireland, 16 August 1849.(608) Edwin is the son of Edward Thomas Vaughan.

She was baptized in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland, 19 April 1821. Religion: religion unknown.(609)

child 254 iii. Katherine Geraldine Mccausland(610). Katherine died 5 April 1859.(611) She married Thomas Tertius Paget 17 April 1850.(612)

child 255 iv. Georgina Mccausland. She married an unknown person 4 August 1836.(613)

child 256 v. Adelaide Mccausland. She married Oliver Claude Pell 5 August 1866.(614)

She was baptized in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland, 13 September 1831. Religion: religion unknown.(615)

child + 257 vi. Marianne Mccausland was born about 1822.(616)

child 258 vii. Julia Mccausland was born in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland 4 November 1825.(617) Julia died October 1826 at less than one year of age.(618)

child + 259 viii. Conolly Thomas Mccausland was born 13 May 1828.(619)

child + 260 ix. Elinor Georgiana Mccausland was born about 1830.(620)

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