114. Conolly7 Mccausland (Conolly6, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(371) was born in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland 3 August 1754.(372) Conolly died 3 May 1822 at 67 years of age.(373)

He married Theodosia Mahon 15 January 1778.(374) Theodosia was born in Storkestown, Co. Roscommon, Ireland about 1746.(375) Theodosia(376) was the daughter of Thomas Mahon and Jane Brandon. Theodosia died 3 May 1822 at 75 years of age.(377)

Conolly Mccausland and Theodosia Mahon had the following children:

child 162 i. Elizabeth8 Mccausland(378). She married J. Ross. (Additional notes for J. Ross(379))

child + 163 ii. Theodosia Mccausland.

child 164 iii. Eleanor Mccausland(380). Eleanor died 12 December 1818.(381)

child 165 iv. Jane Mccausland(382) was born in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland about 1778.(383) Jane died 1822 at 44 years of age.(384) She married Gustavus Hamilton. (Additional notes for Gustavus Hamilton(385))

child + 166 v. Marcus Mccausland was born 24 April 1787.(386)

child 167 vi. Conolly Robert Mccausland was born 5 November 1789.(387) Conolly died 17 August 1817 in Poona, India, at 27 years of age.(388) Occupation: Lieutenant, RHA.

child 168 vii. Frederick Hervey Mccausland was born 18 December 1793.(389) Frederick died 17 November 1817 at 23 years of age.(390)

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