59. Conolly6 Mccausland (Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1) was born in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland 21 November 1713.(233) Conolly died 27 June 1794 in Fruit Hill, Derry Co., Ireland, at 80 years of age.(234)

He married Elizabeth Gage in Ireland, 10 February 1742.(235) Elizabeth was born in Magilligan, Co. Derry, Ireland 1718.(236) Elizabeth(237) was the daughter of Thomas Gage and Sarah Hodgson. Elizabeth died 1791 in Ireland, at 73 years of age.(238)

Conolly Mccausland and Elizabeth Gage had the following children:

child 108 i. Robert7 Mccausland(239) was born in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland 29 November 1743.(240) Robert died before 1778.(241)

child 109 ii. Thomas Mccausland was born in Drumachose, Derry Co., Ireland 10 May 1745.(242) Thomas died 1747 at 2 years of age.(243)

child 110 iii. Sarah Mccausland was born 1746.(244)

child 111 iv. John Mccausland was born 1749.(245) John died 1769 at 20 years of age.(246)

child + 112 v. Hannah Mccausland was born 13 October 1751.(247)

child 113 vi. Elizabeth Mccausland(248) was born 16 April 1753.(249) Elizabeth died 1802 at 49 years of age.(250) She married Thomas Skipton 1776.(251) (Additional notes for Thomas Skipton(252)) Thomas died 31 May 1791 in Tamnemore, Diamond, Co. Derry, Ireland.(253)

child + 114 vii. Conolly Mccausland was born 3 August 1754.(254)

child + 115 viii. Marcus Gage Mccausland was born 28 August 1755.(255)

child + 116 ix. Sarah Mccausland was born 27 January 1759.(256)

child 117 x. Rebecca Mccausland was born 1763.(257)

child 118 xi. Sidney Mccausland(258) was born in Ireland 25 March 1766.(259)

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