244. Robert9 Mcclintock (William8, Robert7, Rebecca6 Mccausland, Robert5, Andrew4, Alexander3, Andrew2, John1)(860) was born in Dunmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland 13 December 1804.(861) Robert died 6 December 1859 at 54 years of age.(862)

He married Margaret Macan 30 December 1833.(863) Margaret(864) was the daughter of Robert Macan. Margaret died 1893.(865)

Robert Mcclintock and Margaret Macan had the following children:

child 343 i. Letitia10 Mcclintock.

child 344 ii. Alice Mcclintock. She married John Acheson Smyth 17 April 1860.(866) (Additional notes for John Acheson Smyth(867)) John died 24 July 1874.(868)

child 345 iii. Emma Mcclintock. She married John Goold Adams 23 September 1878.(869) (Additional notes for John Goold Adams(870)) Occupation: Rev.

child 346 iv. Anna Mary Mcclintock. She married Henry Stevenson 27 June 1876.(871) Occupation: Rev.

child 347 v. Isabel Mcclintock. She married Baptist Johnston Barton 29 July 1875.(872) (Additional notes for Baptist Johnston Barton(873)) Occupation: Col.

child 348 vi. Margaret Elizabeth Mcclintock was born about 1830.(874) She married Holt Waring 20 May 1862.(875) Holt(876) is the son of Henry Waring.

child + 349 vii. Robert Mcclintock was born 27 June 1838.(877)

child + 350 viii. William Mcclintock was born 16 May 1841.(878)

child 351 ix. Benjamin Mcclintock(879) was born 27 August 1843.(880) Benjamin died 8 July 1911 at 67 years of age.(881) Occupation: Major Shropshire LI.

child 352 x. Charles Mcclintock(882) was born 15 June 1849.(883) Charles died 27 October 1885 at 36 years of age.(884) Occupation: MD, FRCSE.

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