6. John2 QUINN (John1 QUIN) was born in New Jersey on 2 February 1759.(23) John died on 10 May 1840 in Delaware County, IN, at 81 years of age.(24) His body was interred in May 1840 in the Yorktown Cemetary in Delaware County, IN.(25)

He married Mary TAPPER 11 July 1805 in Warren County, GA.(26) Mary was born circa 1791.(27)

He migrated with his parent(s) from New Jersey to Frederick, Frederick Co, MD circa 1762. The following individuals are also linked to this event: ? CROOKS (spouse); William QUINN (child); Robert S. QUINN (child); Richard QUIN < (child). He migrated circa 1837 from Preble County, Ohio to Delaware County, Indiana.(28) John Quinn has been reported as having gone with his brothers to Georgia in 1789. However, a John Quinn appears as a witness for a deed in Greene County, GA on 9 May 1787 (p.134). This may be a different John Quinn, or indicate that he came to Georgia earlier than reported. John Quinn witnessed a later Greene County deed on 22 October, 1805 (p.471). He appears in the records for the 1805 Georgia land auction together with his brothers James, Joseph Crooks, and Robert. His marriage to Mary Tapper was recorded on 11 July 1805 in Warren County, GA. (An LDS record also reports the marriage as 11 July 1799, and an entry in "Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Indiana" gives her name as Sarah Tapper. The Georgia data also clearly refutes the same entry which indicated that John was born in Scotland and married there to Sarah Tapper). The Quinn family history written by R.W.Quinn makes it clear that John Quinn was born in New Jersey (although his son, Morrison, indicated Maryland in subsequent census records), married in Georgia, and went to Ohio with his brothers, Robert and James. Following is R.W.Quinn's account:

"John Quinn moved to Georgia and when over forty seven years of age married a wife said to be under fourteen. He came to Ohio and he entered two quarter sections of land on Banta's fork creek, in Twin Twp, where he lived most of his life. He filled the office of Justice of the Peace in that township for many years and in that capacity married a number of people. He laid off a graveyard on the farm on which he lived, known on the records of Preble County as the Quinn graveyard. But none of his family, except one child, and none of the other relatives as far as I know are buried there. Many of the neighbors were however, and about the year 1840 a frame church was erected near it. This building was never finished and was torn down about thirty years later. Many of the dead were removed and the yard fell into decay, but was afterwards cleaned up and refenced by the township's trustees. It is on what is known as the Lexington road about two and a half miles east of Eaton. John Quinn sold his farm and moved to Delaware County Indiana with his family about the year 1837. He had previously sold his other farm. He came back to Ohio in 1838 and I have an indistinct recollection of seeing him. He returned to Indiana and died there about the year 1839 and was buried in a graveyard near the tiny town of York in Delaware County in that state. I never knew any of his family, though I have occasionally heard of some of his descendants. He was a bad financier and before he died had lost all or nearly all of his property."

All of John Quinn Jr's known children were born in Preble County and most were married in Preble County in the 1830's. It is unclear why, when in his late seventies, he decided to move from Preble County, OH to Delaware County, IN. He may have moved to be near his son, Morrison, who appears to have moved to Delaware County sometime after his marriage to Dorinda Oyler in Randolph County, IN in 1829. It is also unclear what became of John Quinn's wife. She would have been only about fifty years old when he died in 1840. To date, no evidence has been uncovered as to where or when she died.

One account says that John Quinn bought land in Sec 2, Delaware Township of Delaware County, IN on 24 November 1832 with another account reporting his move from Preble County as 1834. In any event, regardless of the exact year of the move, he and his son, Morrison, are both listed in the 1840 Delaware County, IN census.

John Quinn was reported as a veteran of the Revolutionary War and is listed in the 1840 census of survivors. He most likely would have entered the Army from either Maryland or Virginia, but no records of any kind have been found. R.W.Quinn's account of the Quinn family gives no indication that any of the Quinns other than Richard, and possibly Robert, had been in service during the Revolution. After his death and burial in Yorktown, Delaware County, IN in 1840 his family appears to have moved away as no further Quinn records are found there. Morrison and most of his brothers and sisters began to appear in Morgan County, IN after 1845 (as did Joseph H. Quinn). The family of his son, John T., remained in Randolph County, IN.

Perhaps what is most interesting about John Quinn Jr. is that so little is known of him and his family in comparison with the other Quinns of Preble County, Ohio. Part of this may be due to their departure in the 1830s and 1840s, although they lived there for over 25 years. There may have also been some family concerns about his marrying someone 33 years his junior when he was still unmarried at age 47. However, he and his wife had at least eight children, so there must have been some continuing relationship in his later years!

John QUINN and Mary TAPPER had the following children:

child + 18 i. Morrison3 QUINN was born in 1806.

child + 19 ii. Margaret QUINN was born in 1808.

child + 20 iii. John T(apper?) QUINN was born circa 1810.

child 21 iv. Jane QUINN was born in Ohio circa 1813. Jane is deceased. She married William (John?) BYERS 14 Oct 1830, in Preble County, OH.(29) William was born circa 1805. William is deceased.

child 22 v. Mary QUINN was born in Ohio circa 1816. Mary is deceased. She married Andrew CRIPE 8 Jun 1833, in Preble County, OH.(30) Andrew was born circa 1813. Andrew is deceased.

child + 23 vi. Matilda Elizabeth QUINN was born in 1818.

child 24 vii. William Harvey QUINN was born in Ohio circa 1823. William is deceased. He married Lillie Harriet STEVENSON 6 Aug 1846 in Morgan County, IN.(31) Lillie was born circa 1820. Lillie is deceased.

child + 25 viii. Joseph Hugh QUINN was born on 3 July 1827.

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