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(?), ? (marriage to Charles Fobes PACKARD) (i1335), b.1800-
(?), Hazel (marriage to Ira ACHESON) (i2937), b.1890-
(?), Lucy (marriage to Othniel PACKARD) (i1972), b.1789-d.1823
(?), Margaret (marriage to Frederick I. ACHESON) (i2934), b.1870-
(?), Margaret (marriage to George PACKARD) (i1931), b.1765-d.1848
(?), Margaret (marriage to George PACKARD) (i1931), b.1765-d.1848
(?), Olive (marriage to James W. CAMPBELL) (i117), b.1831-d.1925
(?), Rebecca (marriage to Zadock PACKARD) (i1589), b.1770-
(?), Unia (marriage to Josiah PACKARD) (i1962), b.1755-


? (marriage to John PACKARD) (i489), d.1761


?, ? (marriage to Gooding PACKARD) (i892), b.1760-
?, Abigail (marriage to Jonathan PACKARD) (i870), b.1690-
?, Anne (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i370), b.1700-
?, Betsy (marriage to Calvin PACKARD) (i1179), b.1765-
?, Deborah (marriage to Jacob PACKARD) (i878), b.1730-
?, Ginger (marriage to Lanie JOHNSON) (i761)
?, Hannah (marriage to Israel PACKARD) (i529)
?, Hannah (marriage to Jacob PACKARD) (i1708), b.1780-
?, Janice (marriage to Duane JOHNSON) (i762)
?, Nadine (marriage to Robert JOHNSON) (i755), b.1926-
?, Rachel (marriage to Job PACKARD) (i857), b.1720-d.1751
?, Standley (marriage to Frances PACKARD) (i4313), b.1600-
?, Susan C. (marriage to Dr. Lyman PACKARD) (i605), b.1833-d.1914


ACHESON, Frederick I. (i2375), b.1866-d.1910
ACHESON, Ira (i2935), b.1890-
ACHESON, Lucina (i2936), b.1905-
ACHESON, Nelson H. (i2376), b.1874-d.1900
ACHESON, Thomas J. (i2377), b.1885-
ACHESON, Thomas J. (marriage to Lucina M. PACKARD) (i2374), b.1840-d.1910
ACHESON, William (i2938), b.1914-


ALDEN, Donald (i708), b.1895-
ALDEN, Howard (marriage to Harriett (Hattie) JOHNSON) (i706), b.1855-
ALDEN, Inez (i709), b.1895-
ALDEN, Isaac (marriage to Joanna PACKARD) (i1119), b.1715-
ALDEN, Isaac, Jr. (marriage to Martha PACKARD) (i1120), b.1725-
ALDEN, Joseph (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1118), b.1720-
ALDEN, Mehitabel (marriage to Joshua PACKARD) (i1028), b.1730-
ALDEN, Mercy (marriage to Zacheus PACKARD) (i1097), b.1700-
ALDEN, Ruth (i707), b.1895-
ALDEN, Sarah (marriage to Timothy PACKARD) (i1169), b.1740-
ALDEN, Simeon (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i901), b.1735-


ALGER, Minerva (marriage to Lebeus PACKARD) (i1312), b.1795-
ALGER, Susanna (marriage to Jonathan PACKARD) (i905), b.1755-


ALLEN, Isaac (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1636), b.1730-
ALLEN, James (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i839), b.1700-
ALLEN, Melissa (marriage to Seth Mead PACKARD) (i2021), b.1850-
ALLEN, Ruth (marriage to Ichabod PACKARD) (i1688), b.1738-
ALLEN, William (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1635), b.1730-


AMES, Capt. David (marriage to Lucinda PACKARD) (i1409), b.1790-
AMES, Hannah (marriage to David PACKARD) (i944), b.1700-d.1767
AMES, John (marriage to Mehitabel PACKARD) (i527)
AMES, Keziah (marriage to Elijah PACKARD) (i71), b.1765-d.1825
AMES, Sarah (marriage to Capt. Abiel PACKARD) (i1015), b.1700-
AMES, Sarah (marriage to Josiah PACKARD) (i1034), b.1725-
AMES, Theron (marriage to Patty PACKARD) (i1443), b.1790-
AMES, Walter (marriage to Melatiah PACKARD) (i982), b.1770-


ATWOOD, Mary (marriage to Isaac PACKARD) (i1391), b.1755-


BAILEY, Hannah (marriage to Soloman PACKARD) (i1135), b.1736-d.1776
BAILEY, Israel (marriage to Martha PACKARD) (i1121), b.1725-
BAILEY, Joseph (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i890), b.1750-
BAILEY, Seth (marriage to Deborah PACKARD) (i888), b.1750-


BARRELL, Lydia (marriage to Deacon Eliphalet PACKARD) (i1429), b.1765-d.1800
BARRELL, Ruth (marriage to Capt Robert PACKARD) (i1430), b.1765-d.1788


BARTLETT, Wright (marriage to Bethiah PACKARD) (i825), b.1710-


BATES, Lusanna (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i1459), b.1770-d.1813
BATES, Marcus A. (marriage to Jane Augusta PACKARD) (i2059), b.1820-


BATTLES, Lucinda (marriage to Luke PACKARD) (i1604), b.1785-


BEAL, Leah (marriage to Cyrus PACKARD) (i563)
BEAL, Susanna (marriage to Elijah PACKARD) (i1299), b.1765-


BENTLEY, Frances (marriage to Harrison L. CAMPBELL) (i118), b.1866-d.1940


BICKNELL, ? (marriage to Zibeon PACKARD) (i1517), b.1795-
BICKNELL, ? (marriage to Zibeon PACKARD) (i1517), b.1795-
BICKNELL, John (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1046), b.1745-


BILLINGS, Elkanah (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1596), b.1785-


BISBEE, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Deacon Abel PACKARD) (i2063), b.1759-d.1807


BLACKMAN, Marguerite (marriage to Benjamin CAMPBELL) (i624)


BLISS, ? (marriage to Deborah MITCHELL) (i1884), b.1730-


BONNEY, Ruth (marriage to Edward PACKARD) (i1694), b.1730-d.1764


BOWMAN, Abigail (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD) (i72), b.1779-d.1858


BRANCH, (?) (marriage to Inez ALDEN) (i710)


BRETT, Amzi (marriage to Phebe PACKARD) (i1245), b.1765-
BRETT, Josiah (marriage to Eunice PACKARD) (i1410), b.1795-
BRETT, Mehitabel (marriage to Jonas PACKARD) (i1398), b.1755-
BRETT, Samuel (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i979), b.1715-
BRETT, Samuel (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i1047), b.1750-
BRETT, Simeon (marriage to Mehitable PACKARD) (i990), b.1725-
BRETT, Sophia (marriage to Apollos PACKARD) (i1074), b.1790-


BROWN, Sarah E. (marriage to Martin H. PACKARD) (i2011), b.1850-


BRUCE, Sarah (marriage to Paul PACKARD) (i855), b.1720-


BRYANT, Laura (marriage to Isaac PACKARD) (i1670), b.1805-
BRYANT, Mercy (marriage to Seth PACKARD) (i499), b.1715-


BUMP, ? (marriage to Keziah PACKARD) (i1510), b.1775-


BURBANK, Alice (marriage to Amos PACKARD) (i1910), b.1796-d.1867


BURR, Seth (marriage to Charity PACKARD) (i853), b.1730-


CAMPBELL, Benjamin (i124), b.1892-
CAMPBELL, Bertha (i125), b.1896-d.1973
CAMPBELL, Harrison L. (i111), b.1840-d.1918
CAMPBELL, Hiram F. (i112), b.1841-
CAMPBELL, James W. (i110), b.1835-
CAMPBELL, Joanna (marriage to Elias YOUNGS) (i633), b.1842-d.1910
CAMPBELL, Julia Ann(or E.) (i114), b.1846-
CAMPBELL, Julia M. (i122), b.1889-
CAMPBELL, Laura (i123), b.1890-d.1972
CAMPBELL, Lena (i121), b.1886-
CAMPBELL, Lorreta A. (i113), b.1843-
CAMPBELL, Louisa M. (i96), b.1832-d.1897
CAMPBELL, Mary (i116), b.1851-
CAMPBELL, Sarah Jane (i115), b.1848-
CAMPBELL, William (marriage to Cynthia PACKARD) (i95), b.1804-d.1870


CAPEN, Adam (marriage to Huldah PACKARD) (i1442), b.1790-
CAPEN, Jane (marriage to Howard PACKARD) (i1483), b.1780-
CAPEN, Urian (marriage to Eunice PACKARD) (i1246), b.1765-


CARVER, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i386), b.1735-


CARY, Ann (marriage to Hon. Nathan MITCHELL) (i1865), b.1735-
CARY, Howard, Esq (marriage to Huldah PACKARD) (i1286), b.1774-
CARY, Thomas (marriage to Sally PACKARD) (i1379), b.1775-


CASS, Arthur True (marriage to Mary Wallace PACKARD) (i943), b.1865-


CASTLE, Frank (marriage to Clara WILLARD) (i2028), b.1865-


CHAMBERLIN, Rachel (marriage to Ichabod PACKARD) (i1760), b.1760-


CHANDLER, Jonathan (marriage to Rebecca PACKARD) (i450), b.1735-


CHURCH, Henry S., < (marriage to Emily M. PACKARD <) (i593), b.1831-d.1900


CHURCHILL, Jemima (marriage to James PACKARD) (i1505), b.1760-
CHURCHILL, Levi (marriage to Cynthia PACKARD) (i1145), b.1780-


CLAPP, Bernard (marriage to Lydia PACKARD) (i1292), b.1775-


CLARK, David (marriage to Desire PACKARD) (i385), b.1740-
CLARK, Jane E. (marriage to Franklin S. PACKARD) (i598), b.1841-d.1917


COBB, ? (marriage to Isaac PACKARD) (i1393), b.1780-
COBB, ? (marriage to Silas PACKARD) (i1479), b.1790-
COBB, David (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i1482), b.1795-


CODDING, Samuel (marriage to Lydia PACKARD) (i1315), b.1790-


COLBURN, Ernest (marriage to Hittie C. PACKARD) (i2023), b.1850-


COLE, Ephraim (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1418), b.1785-
COLE, Henry A. (marriage to Vesta Augusta PACKARD) (i2083), b.1830-
COLE, Rachel (marriage to Ichabod PACKARD) (i1268), b.1765-
COLE, Samuel (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i895), b.1725-


CONANT, Jeremiah (marriage to Martha PACKARD) (i841), b.1720-
CONANT, Silvanus (marriage to Molly PACKARD) (i1595), b.1780-


CONDELL, Ada (i1739), b.1857-
CONDELL, Charles (i1738), b.1854-
CONDELL, Lydia (i1740), b.1860-
CONDELL, William (i1737), b.1849-
CONDELL, William J. (marriage to Elizabeth O. PACKARD) (i1736), b.1821-


COPELAND, Hannah (i1803), b.1768-
COPELAND, Hezekiah (i1808), b.1780-
COPELAND, Huldah (i1807), b.1777-
COPELAND, Joseph (i1801), b.1764-
COPELAND, Joseph (marriage to Rebecca HOOPER) (i1799), b.1735-
COPELAND, Lucy (i1809), b.1784-
COPELAND, Polly (i1804), b.1771-
COPELAND, Rebecca (i1800), b.1762-
COPELAND, Salmon (i1802), b.1766-
COPELAND, Sarah (i1805), b.1773-
COPELAND, Winslow (i1806), b.1775-


CORNWALL, ? (marriage to Margaret L. ISAMAN) (i623)


COWING, Sarah (marriage to John HOOPER) (i1791), b.1725-


CRANE, Betsy (marriage to Lewis PACKARD) (i1311), b.1790-
CRANE, Emeline (marriage to Lewis PACKARD) (i609), b.1812-d.1896


CRANNA, Patricia May (marriage to James Philip KELLER) (i282), b.1947-


CURTIS, Aholibama (marriage to Timothy PACKARD) (i1183), b.1770-


CUSHMAN, Deborah (marriage to Thomas HOOPER <) (i1787), b.1740-


DABY, William S. (marriage to Harriet Frances PACKARD) (i1721), b.1845-


DADY, Maria B. (marriage to Theron William PACKARD) (i2151), b.1856-


DAVENPORT, Abigail (marriage to Zachariah PACKARD) (i64), b.1705-d.1765


DAWES, Clarissa (marriage to Eliphalet PACKARD Esq) (i2097), b.1788-d.1823


DEAN, Seth (marriage to Betty PACKARD) (i382), b.1725-


DeBOLT, Washington (marriage to Sarah C. (Kate?) PACKARD) (i1753), b.1850-


DECKER, Julie (marriage to Kevin Douglas KELLER) (i254), b.1962-


DICKERMAN, Samuel (marriage to Clara PACKARD) (i1316), b.1800-
DICKERMAN, Samuel (marriage to Olive PACKARD) (i1293), b.1780-


DOANE, Willian Wright (marriage to Lillian C. KING) (i591), b.1880-


DODGE, Mary (marriage to Liberty PACKARD) (i930), b.1810-


DRAKE, Lydia (marriage to John PACKARD) (i1570), b.1790-


DUNBAR, Asa (i2464), b.1787-
DUNBAR, Charles Frederik (i2465), b.1795-
DUNBAR, Dr. Simeon (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i66), b.1751-d.1810
DUNBAR, Emily (marriage to Nathan PACKARD) (i2422), b.1813-
DUNBAR, George (i2466), b.1783-
DUNBAR, Mary (marriage to Dan LEONARD) (i1829), b.1732-
DUNBAR, Mary (marriage to Oliver PACKARD) (i1289), b.1760-
DUNBAR, Sophia (i2467), b.1781-
DUNBAR, William (i2468), b.1785-


DYER, (?) (marriage to Roland PACKARD) (i1076), b.1795-
DYER, Freelove (marriage to Abraham PACKARD) (i1207), b.1750-


EAMES, Elisha (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1177), b.1765-


EDSON, Abiel (i430), b.1746-
EDSON, Abiezer (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i381), b.1725-
EDSON, Adam (i431), b.1748-
EDSON, Anne (i426), b.1752-
EDSON, Caleb (i424), b.1748-
EDSON, Calvin (i422), b.1744-
EDSON, Daniel (i423), b.1746-
EDSON, Dr. Elijah (marriage to Anne PACKARD) (i380), b.1720-d.1761
EDSON, Ebenezer (marriage to Lucy PACKARD) (i898), b.1750-
EDSON, Elijah (i421), b.1742-
EDSON, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i820), b.1680-d.1716
EDSON, Hannah (marriage to Simeon PACKARD) (i1337), b.1775-
EDSON, Icabod (marriage to Jemima PACKARD) (i1096), b.1725-
EDSON, Jacob (marriage to Betty PACKARD) (i1027), b.1735-
EDSON, Joanna (marriage to Thomas PACKARD) (i1554), b.1765-
EDSON, Joel (i434), b.1758-
EDSON, Joel (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i1147), b.1760-
EDSON, Josiah (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i868), b.1680-
EDSON, Martha (marriage to Dan PACKARD) (i1500), b.1785-
EDSON, Mary (marriage to George PACKARD) (i394), b.1710-
EDSON, Olive (i427), b.1754-
EDSON, Patty (marriage to Philip PACKARD) (i458)
EDSON, Polycarpus (i433), b.1756-
EDSON, Relief (marriage to Oliver PACKARD) (i1501), b.1755-
EDSON, Rodolphus (i432), b.1750-
EDSON, Ruth (i429), b.1758-
EDSON, Silence (marriage to Nehemiah PACKARD) (i844), b.1730-
EDSON, Silvester (i425), b.1750-
EDSON, Susanna (i428), b.1756-
EDSON, Susanna (marriage to Israel PACKARD) (i919), b.1780-
EDSON, William (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i1248), b.1770-


Effie Packard (i597), b.1864-


ESTY, Abigail (marriage to George PACKARD) (i448), b.1735-d.1765


EVERETT, Roswell (marriage to Rosamond PACKARD) (i571)


FIELD, Barzilli (marriage to Martha (Patty) PACKARD) (i1354), b.1775-
FIELD, Ruth (marriage to Israel PACKARD) (i514)


FOBES, Ann (marriage to Abijah PACKARD) (i1320), b.1745-
FOBES, Jesse (marriage to Mary(Polly) PACKARD) (i70), b.1760-d.1820
FOBES, Mary (marriage to Robert WASHBURN) (i1773), b.1720-
FOBES, Mehetebel (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD) (i4), b.1768-d.1808


FORD, David (marriage to Olive PACKARD) (i1287), b.1780-
FORD, Mercy (marriage to Nahun PACKARD) (i1146), b.1795-
FORD, Sarah (marriage to Deacon Barnabas PACKARD) (i536)
FORD, Sarah (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i1472), b.1790-


FOUNTAIN, Francis (marriage to Lucinda PACKARD) (i1715), b.1835-


FREDERICK, (?) (marriage to Lorreta A. CAMPBELL) (i119)


FRENCH, Levi (marriage to Amy PACKARD) (i1224), b.1740-
FRENCH, Martha (marriage to John PACKARD) (i1564), b.1780-d.1817
FRENCH, Mary (marriage to Abiah PACKARD) (i1461), b.1765-
FRENCH, Rebecca (marriage to Jacob PACKARD) (i1488), b.1750-


FULLER, Isaac (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1117), b.1715-


GARDNER, Ellen (marriage to Levi Spencer PACKARD) (i2152), b.1835-


GATES, John Vincent (marriage to Treva Mae ISAMAN) (i209), b.1907-


GILBERT, Othniel (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1637), b.1730-


GOODING, Adaline (marriage to Gooding PACKARD) (i897), b.1790-
GOODING, Cynthia (marriage to William G. PACKARD) (i894), b.1825-


GOSHOM, Ella M. (marriage to Charles PACKARD) (i1752), b.1850-


GUILFORD, Esther (marriage to Rev. Theophilus PACKARD) (i2090), b.1770-


GURNEY, Capt. Zechariah (marriage to Matida PACKARD) (i1229), b.1755-
GURNEY, Elvira (marriage to Luther PACKARD) (i2110), b.1795-d.1853
GURNEY, Hattie Myra (marriage to Charles S. PACKARD) (i2127), b.1864-
GURNEY, Matilda (marriage to Hezekiah PACKARD) (i1516), b.1895-
GURNEY, Matilda (marriage to Hezekiah PACKARD) (i1516), b.1895-


HALL, Mary (marriage to David LEONARD) (i1810), b.1740-


HAMMOND, Sarah (marriage to John PACKARD) (i544), d.1773


HARLOW, Content (marriage to Deacon Ebenezer PACKARD) (i971), b.1750-


HARRIS, Abigail (marriage to Abiel PACKARD) (i1602), b.1790-
HARRIS, Mary (marriage to Daniel PACKARD) (i826), b.1680-
HARRIS, Mehitabel (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i1571), b.1775-


HARTSHORN, Lucinda (marriage to Micah PACKARD) (i1383), b.1790-


HARTWELL, Martha (marriage to Joshua PACKARD) (i1762), b.1735-


HARWICK, Beverly (marriage to William Jon KELLER) (i649)


HAYWARD, Lucinda T. (marriage to Jesse PACKARD) (i1713), b.1810-
HAYWARD, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i1638), b.1730-
HAYWARD, Sarah (marriage to Capt Robert PACKARD) (i1445), b.1770-
HAYWARD, Susanna (marriage to Jonathan PACKARD) (i869), b.1695-d.1722


HERSEY, Mercy T. (marriage to Royal L. PACKARD) (i2060), b.1805-


HIBBARD, Emily M. (marriage to Dr. Ira F. PACKARD) (i359), b.1811-d.1889


HICKOX, George S. (marriage to Caroline PACKARD) (i368)


HILL, Polly (marriage to Philander PACKARD) (i2043), b.1780-d.1826


HILLS, (?) (marriage to Lucinda Marcella WINSLOW) (i2931), b.1830-


HOLBROOK, Jerusha (marriage to Reuben PACKARD) (i1269), b.1750-
HOLBROOK, Mary (marriage to Abiezer PACKARD) (i1210), b.1745-


HOLLINGSWORTH, Cynthia (i657), b.1943-
HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert (marriage to Lucile ROSE) (i656), b.1920-d.1990
HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert, < (i765), b.1941-d.1965


HOLMES, Ephraim (marriage to Margaret WASHBURN) (i1779), b.1715-
HOLMES, Frances M. (marriage to Horace F. PACKARD) (i1720), b.1845-
HOLMES, Roxana (marriage to Hosea PACKARD) (i1540), b.1800-
HOLMES, Samuel (marriage to Deborah PACKARD) (i1530), b.1795-


HOOPER, Elizabeth (i1795), b.1760-
HOOPER, Hezekiah (i474), b.1732-
HOOPER, Hezekiah, < (i1798), b.1766-d.1795
HOOPER, Jerusha, < (i471), b.1743-d.1829
HOOPER, John (i472), b.1725-
HOOPER, John (i1792), b.1747-
HOOPER, John (marriage to Elizabeth PACKARD) (i389), b.1700-d.1760
HOOPER, John, < (i470), b.1739-d.1807
HOOPER, Joseph (i475), b.1735-
HOOPER, Joseph (i1797), b.1764-
HOOPER, Rebecca (i476), b.1738-
HOOPER, Sarah (i468), b.1730-
HOOPER, Sarah (i1793), b.1749-
HOOPER, Thomas (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i391), b.1700-d.1750
HOOPER, Thomas, < (i469), b.1737-
HOOPER, Winslow (i473), b.1729-
HOOPER, Winslow (i1796), b.1762-


HORTON, Jerusha (marriage to Zenas PACKARD) (i1532), b.1800-
HORTON, Mary (marriage to Galen PACKARD) (i1077), b.1790-
HORTON, Sally (marriage to Capt. Adin PACKARD) (i1419), b.1785-


HOWARD, Barnabas, Esq (marriage to Mehitabel PACKARD) (i899), b.1730-
HOWARD, Betsy (marriage to Robert PACKARD) (i1453), b.1800-
HOWARD, Daniel (marriage to Silence PACKARD) (i1060), b.1760-
HOWARD, Eunice (marriage to Abiah PACKARD) (i1238), b.1730-
HOWARD, Hon. Daniel (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i1234), b.1750-
HOWARD, Jonas (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i1291), b.1775-
HOWARD, Martha (marriage to Zadock PACKARD) (i1579), b.1759-d.1799
HOWARD, Mary (marriage to Thomas PACKARD) (i1051), b.1735-
HOWARD, Nancy (marriage to Azor PACKARD) (i1557), b.1795-
HOWARD, Sarah (marriage to Caleb PACKARD) (i1343), b.1760-d.1834
HOWARD, Sarah (marriage to Zacheus PACKARD) (i490), b.1660-


HOWELL, Jeremy (marriage to Lydia PACKARD) (i388)


HUNT, Luther (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i1911), b.1800-
HUNT, Sarah (marriage to Capt. Lemuel PACKARD) (i1370), b.1750-d.1825


ISAMAN, Arthur E. (marriage to Laura CAMPBELL) (i128), b.1886-
ISAMAN, Francis Dudley (i622), b.1916-
ISAMAN, Margaret L. (i621), b.1914-
ISAMAN, Treva Mae (i208), b.1911-


JACKSON, Clarissa (marriage to Mayhew PACKARD) (i1148), b.1780-
JACKSON, Joanna (marriage to Capt. David PACKARD) (i1346), b.1745-
JACKSON, Lucy (marriage to Sullivan PACKARD) (i1297), b.1780-
JACKSON, Lydia (marriage to Capt. Nathan PACKARD) (i398), b.1730-d.1812
JACKSON, Sara E. (marriage to John E. KING) (i589), b.1851-


JAMIESON, ? (marriage to Mehitabel PACKARD) (i1411), b.1800-
JAMIESON, William (marriage to Eunice PACKARD) (i987), b.1750-


JOHNSON, Alonzo M. (marriage to Louisa M. CAMPBELL) (i99), b.1827-d.1887
JOHNSON, Alta, < (i198), b.1868-d.1952
JOHNSON, Andrew (i763)
JOHNSON, Cora, < (i196), b.1862-d.1929
JOHNSON, David (marriage to Parnel PACKARD) (i1639), b.1730-
JOHNSON, Dorothy Lucile (i108), b.1898-d.1985
JOHNSON, Duane (i756), b.1952-
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, < (i197), b.1864-d.1900
JOHNSON, Eva, < (i195), b.1861-d.1930
JOHNSON, Harriett (Hattie) (i194), b.1860-
JOHNSON, Ida May (i635), b.1895-d.1967
JOHNSON, Karen (i757), b.1954-
JOHNSON, Lanie (i665), b.1937-
JOHNSON, Lauren (i764)
JOHNSON, Robert (i663), b.1926-
JOHNSON, Robert Lee (i636), b.1902-d.1950
JOHNSON, Ronald (i664), b.1933-d.1955
JOHNSON, Sarah (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i1643), b.1725-
JOHNSON, William Fayette (i100), b.1856-d.1910


JOY, Susan (marriage to Gamaliel PACKARD) (i1339), b.1775-
JOY, Susanna (marriage to Paul PACKARD) (i854), b.1715-
JOY, Susannah (marriage to Ames PACKARD) (i1609), b.1765-


KEITH, Aberdeen (i437), b.1760-
KEITH, Bethiah (marriage to John WASHBURN) (i1765), b.1715-d.1770
KEITH, Jemima (marriage to Deacon James PACKARD) (i1087), b.1700-
KEITH, John (i439), b.1765-
KEITH, Joseph (i441), b.1769-
KEITH, Joseph (marriage to Chloe PACKARD) (i384), b.1735-
KEITH, Lurania (i438), b.1763-
KEITH, Martin (i442), b.1771-
KEITH, Nancy (marriage to Daniel PACKARD) (i1063), b.1775-
KEITH, Timothy (i440), b.1767-


KELLER, Adam (i3338), b.1980-
KELLER, Brittany Lynn (i283), b.1988-
KELLER, Col William Henry (marriage to Dorothy Lucile JOHNSON) (i109), b.1898-d.1986
KELLER, Constance Lucile (i255), b.1923-
KELLER, Danielle (i3339), b.1987-
KELLER, Dylan James (i2231), b.1992-
KELLER, James Philip (i104), b.1933-
KELLER, Justin (i3337), b.1973-
KELLER, Kevin Douglas (i107), b.1964-
KELLER, Kristen (i651), b.1953-
KELLER, Lisa (i650), b.1951-
KELLER, Luke (i3340), b.1992-
KELLER, Michelle (i652), b.1958-
KELLER, William James (i106), b.1960-
KELLER, William Jon (i256), b.1928-d.1964


KELLER-LAUB, Judah (i3336), b.1985-


KENT, Amanda (marriage to Eliphalet PACKARD Esq) (i2148), b.1801-d.1859


KING, Dr. Joseph (marriage to Marietta PACKARD) (i584), b.1810-d.1893
KING, John E. (i587), b.1847-d.1906
KING, L. Clara (i586), b.1850-
KING, Lillian C. (i590), b.1880-


KINGMAN, ? (marriage to Simeon PACKARD) (i1518), b.1800-
KINGMAN, ? (marriage to Simeon PACKARD) (i1518), b.1800-
KINGMAN, Benjamin (marriage to Rebecca PACKARD) (i1603), b.1790-
KINGMAN, Harmony (marriage to Joel PACKARD esq) (i988), b.1765-
KINGMAN, Isaac (marriage to Content PACKARD) (i1260), b.1745-
KINGMAN, Kezia (marriage to Cyrus PACKARD) (i1062), b.1775-
KINGMAN, Lucy Ann (marriage to Liberty Dodge PACKARD) (i938), b.1830-
KINGMAN, Martin (marriage to Phebe PACKARD) (i1473), b.1795-
KINGMAN, Matthew (marriage to Jane PACKARD) (i981), b.1730-
KINGMAN, Susanna (marriage to Solomon PACKARD) (i1105), b.1690-


KINSLEY, Susanna (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i848), b.1710-


KNAPP, Abi (marriage to Arza PACKARD) (i1388), b.1790-
KNAPP, Joseph (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1317), b.1735-


LATHAM, Robert, < (marriage to Jerusha HOOPER <) (i1789), b.1740-


LATHROP, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i811), b.1640-
LATHROP, Sarah (marriage to Solomon PACKARD) (i1104), b.1690-d.1717
LATHROP, Seth (marriage to Lydia PACKARD) (i449), b.1730-
LATHROP, Susanna (i459), b.1754-
LATHROP, Zepheniah (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1290), b.1770-


LEACH, Lois (marriage to Seth PACKARD) (i902), b.1745-
LEACH, Ruth (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD) (i1122), b.1735-
LEACH, Stephen (marriage to Sarah HOOPER) (i1786), b.1730-
LEACH, Susanna (marriage to Asa PACKARD) (i914), b.1790-


LEDENDECKER, William (marriage to Constance Lucile KELLER) (i293), b.1919-d.1991


LEE, Lucinda (marriage to Martin H. PACKARD) (i1936), b.1845-


LEEDS, ? (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i904), b.1740-
LEEDS, ? (marriage to Jerusha PACKARD <) (i903), b.1740-


LEONARD, ? (marriage to Col. Abiel MITCHELL) (i1873), b.1730-
LEONARD, Anna (i1845), b.1770-
LEONARD, Benjamin (i1828), b.1766-
LEONARD, Bernard (i1814), b.1777-
LEONARD, Caleb F. (i1815), b.1779-
LEONARD, Calvin (i1837), b.1762-
LEONARD, Charle Frederic (i1821), b.1791-
LEONARD, Dan (i480), b.1732-
LEONARD, Dan (i1831), b.1752-
LEONARD, David (i478), b.1726-
LEONARD, David (i1811), b.1771-
LEONARD, David (i1827), b.1764-
LEONARD, Elizabeth (marriage to Hezekiah HOOPER) (i1794), b.1735-
LEONARD, Experience (i1832), b.1753-
LEONARD, Fanny (i1819), b.1787-
LEONARD, George W. (i1817), b.1783-
LEONARD, Hannah (i1823), b.1795-
LEONARD, James (i1820), b.1789-
LEONARD, Jonas (i1843), b.1767-
LEONARD, Jonathan (i479), b.1730-
LEONARD, Jonathan (i1826), b.1762-
LEONARD, Joseph (i477), b.1723-
LEONARD, Joseph (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i393), b.1700-
LEONARD, Josiah (i1835), b.1758-
LEONARD, Keziah (i1836), b.1760-
LEONARD, Linus (i1816), b.1781-
LEONARD, Lois (i1846), b.1773-
LEONARD, Martha (i1825), b.1759-
LEONARD, Mary (i1813), b.1775-
LEONARD, Mary (i1830), b.1751-
LEONARD, Molly (i1848), b.1779-
LEONARD, Nahum (i1849), b.1781-
LEONARD, Olive (i1822), b.1793-
LEONARD, Oliver (i1847), b.1777-
LEONARD, Phebe (i1833), b.1755-
LEONARD, Rachel (i1842), b.1764-
LEONARD, Rosamond (i1839), b.1766-
LEONARD, Ruth (i1844), b.1768-
LEONARD, Sally (i1838), b.1764-
LEONARD, Sarah (i483), b.1724-
LEONARD, Sarah (i1818), b.1785-
LEONARD, Seth (marriage to Silence PACKARD) (i846), b.1750-
LEONARD, Seth, < (i482), b.1740-
LEONARD, Simeon (i481), b.1737-d.1793
LEONARD, Simeon (i1850), b.1783-
LEONARD, Zenas L. (i1812), b.1773-
LEONARD, Ziba (i1834), b.1756-


LEWIS, William (marriage to Mary Perkins PACKARD) (i1549), b.1805-


LINCOLN, Capt Nehemiah (marriage to Patty PACKARD) (i1288), b.1775-
LINCOLN, Nehemiah (marriage to Keziah PACKARD) (i1094), b.1725-


LOWE, (?) (marriage to Sarah Jane CAMPBELL) (i190)


LULL, Hiram (marriage to Lucinda PACKARD) (i369)


LYMAN, Benjamin B. (marriage to Roxanna PACKARD) (i2055), b.1805-


LYON, Lydia (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i1913), b.1800-


MANLEY, Harriet Jane, < (marriage to Nathan Francis PACKARD <) (i2435), b.1840-d.1916
MANLEY, Milo (marriage to Mary Manley PACKARD) (i2431), b.1835-
MANLEY, Polly (marriage to Nathan PACKARD) (i1295), b.1784-d.1855


MANLY, Timothy (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1318), b.1735-


MAPLES(?), Alvira (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD) (i364), b.1809-


MARCY, Charles (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i1560), b.1790-


MARSHALL, Herbert (marriage to Myra Ellen PACKARD) (i2432), b.1850-
MARSHALL, Olive (marriage to Manley PACKARD) (i2419), b.1820-


MARSTON, Elizabeth (marriage to Silvanus PACKARD) (i1230), b.1755-


MARTIN, Cmdr Richard Humphries (marriage to Constance Lucile KELLER) (i292), b.1918-
MARTIN, Kathryn Constance (i3342), b.1954-
MARTIN, Stephen Richard (i3341), b.1952-


McCRAY, (?) (marriage to Julia Ann(or E.) CAMPBELL) (i120)


McGOVERN, Susan (Silvania?) L. (marriage to Edmund PACKARD) (i1744), b.1826-


MEAD, Martin (marriage to Mehitable PACKARD) (i2031), b.1800-
MEAD, Melissa L. (marriage to Cyrus PACKARD) (i1932), b.1812-


MINER, Bertha M. (marriage to James J. PACKARD) (i602), b.1869-d.1954


MITCHELL, Abiel (i1875), b.1758-
MITCHELL, Calvin (i1863), b.1769-
MITCHELL, Cary (i1871), b.1765-
MITCHELL, Col. Abiel (i486), b.1730-
MITCHELL, Daniel (i1872), b.1767-
MITCHELL, Deborah (i487), b.1731-
MITCHELL, Deborah (i1866), b.1755-
MITCHELL, Deborah (i1879), b.1766-
MITCHELL, Eliphalet (i1877), b.1762-
MITCHELL, Hon. Nathan (i485), b.1729-d.1789
MITCHELL, Jacob, < (marriage to Jerusha HOOPER <) (i1790), b.1740-
MITCHELL, Leonard (i1878), b.1764-
MITCHELL, Maj. Thomas (i484), b.1728-
MITCHELL, Mary (i1869), b.1760-
MITCHELL, Mary (i1881), b.1770-
MITCHELL, Nathan (i1870), b.1762-
MITCHELL, Ruth (i1880), b.1768-
MITCHELL, Sally (i1882), b.1772-
MITCHELL, Susanna (i1861), b.1762-
MITCHELL, Susanna (i1868), b.1758-
MITCHELL, Susanna (i1883), b.1774-
MITCHELL, Susanna (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i1626), b.1700-d.1756
MITCHELL, Thomas (i1862), b.1765-
MITCHELL, Thomas (i1874), b.1756-
MITCHELL, Timothy (i488), b.1732-
MITCHELL, Timothy (i1859), b.1758-
MITCHELL, Timothy (i1867), b.1757-
MITCHELL, Timothy (i1876), b.1760-
MITCHELL, Timothy (marriage to Deborah PACKARD) (i390), b.1705-d.1733
MITCHELL, William (i1860), b.1760-
MITCHELL, Zilpha (i1864), b.1772-


MONAGHAN, William A. (marriage to Julia M. CAMPBELL) (i127), b.1880-


MONFORT, Sarah (marriage to Ansel PACKARD) (i991), b.1790-


MONTGOMERY, Robert R. (marriage to L. Clara KING) (i588), b.1850-


MORSE, Fannie (marriage to George M. WILLARD) (i2016), b.1865-


MORTON, Lucy W. (marriage to Harrison Davis PACKARD) (i1723), b.1840-
MORTON, Seth (marriage to Hepzibiah PACKARD) (i383), b.1730-


NASH, Mary (marriage to Barnabas PACKARD) (i2061), b.1770-
NASH, Ruth (marriage to Polli Carpus PACKARD) (i1924), b.1775-d.1854


NELSON, Mary (marriage to Lot PACKARD) (i1454), b.1770-


NILES, Orilla T. (marriage to Silas PACKARD) (i1755), b.1850-
NILES, Rachel (marriage to John PACKARD) (i1651), b.1740-


NORRIS, Mary Ann (marriage to Anson PACKARD) (i1728), b.1822-


NORTON, Lucy Qunicy (marriage to William PACKARD) (i1617), b.1800-


OLDS, Lucy (marriage to Eliphalet PACKARD Esq) (i2146), b.1805-d.1840


ORCUTT, David (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i840), b.1710-


PACKARD, (?), < (i810), b.1890-d.1910
PACKARD, ? (i1336), b.1822-
PACKARD, ? (i1394), b.1805-
PACKARD, ? (i1395), b.1807-
PACKARD, ?1 (i580), b.1817-
PACKARD, Abel (i1348), b.1772-
PACKARD, Abel (i2069), b.1802-d.1830
PACKARD, Abel Mitchell (i610), b.1836-d.1924
PACKARD, Abel, < (i2091), b.1821-d.1821
PACKARD, Abiah (i951), b.1727-d.1809
PACKARD, Abiah (i1236), b.1759-
PACKARD, Abiah, < (i1618), b.1731-
PACKARD, Abiel (i1018), b.1729-d.1759
PACKARD, Abiel (i1039), b.1757-
PACKARD, Abiel (i1599), b.1787-
PACKARD, Abiezer (i1201), b.1742-
PACKARD, Abiezer Whitemarsh (i1152), b.1814-
PACKARD, Abigail (i67), b.1758-d.1820
PACKARD, Abigail (i356), b.1728-
PACKARD, Abigail (i414), b.1776-
PACKARD, Abigail (i419), b.1792-
PACKARD, Abigail (i454), b.1733-
PACKARD, Abigail (i509), b.1747-
PACKARD, Abigail (i875), b.1735-
PACKARD, Abigail (i881), b.1754-
PACKARD, Abigail (i915), b.1812-
PACKARD, Abigail (i1188), b.1768-
PACKARD, Abigail (i1233), b.1754-
PACKARD, Abigail (i1478), b.1796-d.1840
PACKARD, Abigail (i1489), b.1775-
PACKARD, Abigail (i1647), b.1756-
PACKARD, Abigail (i1897), b.1803-
PACKARD, Abigail (i2070), b.1811-
PACKARD, Abigail (marriage to George PACKARD) (i454), b.1733-
PACKARD, Abigail K. (i1709), b.1808-
PACKARD, Abigail Teresa (i2085), b.1837-
PACKARD, Abigail, < (i554), b.1763-
PACKARD, Abigail, < (i560), b.1779-d.1781
PACKARD, Abigail, < (i1621), b.1770-
PACKARD, Abigail, < (i4303), b.1651-d.1660
PACKARD, Abijah (i852), b.1740-
PACKARD, Abijah (i1321), b.1768-
PACKARD, Abner (i511), b.1749-
PACKARD, Abraham (i1203), b.1750-
PACKARD, Abraham, < (i1204), b.1739-d.1749
PACKARD, Adam, Esq (i552), b.1758-d.1810
PACKARD, Adeline (i1385), b.1813-
PACKARD, Adin (i959), b.1754-
PACKARD, Adin, < (i519), b.1743-
PACKARD, Albe (i910), b.1793-
PACKARD, Albert Lewis, < (i1002), b.1847-d.1862
PACKARD, Alden (i1279), b.1770-
PACKARD, Alfred Royal (i2128), b.1886-
PACKARD, Alice (i955), b.1747-
PACKARD, Alice (i1193), b.1771-
PACKARD, Alice (marriage to Eliab PACKARD) (i955), b.1747-
PACKARD, Alice Emily, < (i2426), b.1846-
PACKARD, Allen (i614), b.1843-
PACKARD, Almera Cushman (i2044), b.1810-
PACKARD, Almira (i997), b.1828-
PACKARD, Almira (i1451), b.1808-
PACKARD, Almira (i1567), b.1806-
PACKARD, Alpheus (i926), b.1815-
PACKARD, Alpheus, < (i1687), b.1783-
PACKARD, Althea (i1197), b.1753-
PACKARD, Amasa (i452), b.1761-
PACKARD, Ambrose (i1065), b.1778-
PACKARD, Ambrose (i1086), b.1816-
PACKARD, Ambrose (i1363), b.1786-
PACKARD, Amerett Eliza (i2119), b.1836-
PACKARD, Ames (i1042), b.1770-
PACKARD, Amos (i1898), b.1792-
PACKARD, Amy (i1216), b.1741-
PACKARD, Amy (i1342), b.1802-
PACKARD, Andrew Franklin (i1548), b.1828-
PACKARD, Ann Eliza (i2111), b.1828-
PACKARD, Ann Maria (i1327), b.1794-
PACKARD, Anna (i1044), b.1767-
PACKARD, Anna (i1464), b.1792-
PACKARD, Anna (i1645), b.1751-
PACKARD, Anna P. (i994), b.1822-
PACKARD, Anne (i371), b.1723-
PACKARD, Anne (i880), b.1753-
PACKARD, Anne (i1267), b.1765-
PACKARD, Ansel (i976), b.1789-
PACKARD, Ansel (i1710), b.1814-
PACKARD, Anson (i581), b.1822-d.1855
PACKARD, Anson (i1732), b.1851-
PACKARD, Apollos (i1068), b.1788-
PACKARD, Ardelia Maria (i2092), b.1824-
PACKARD, Arthur (i2012), b.1885-
PACKARD, Arvilla (i924), b.1810-
PACKARD, Arza (i1375), b.1784-
PACKARD, Arza (i1389), b.1813-
PACKARD, Asa (i909), b.1791-
PACKARD, Asa (i1127), b.1760-
PACKARD, Asa DeAlton (i612), b.1839-
PACKARD, Austin (i1556), b.1801-
PACKARD, Austin (i2098), b.1810-
PACKARD, Austin, < (i2120), b.1835-d.1835
PACKARD, Azor (i1555), b.1790-
PACKARD, Azubah (i545), b.1764-
PACKARD, Barnabas (i537), b.1764-
PACKARD, Barnabas (i1278), b.1768-
PACKARD, Bartimeus (i540), b.1769-
PACKARD, Bathsheba (i1615), b.1808-
PACKARD, Bela (i1433), b.1793-
PACKARD, Benaiah (i1156), b.1769-
PACKARD, Benjamin (i3), b.1760-d.1823
PACKARD, Benjamin (i6), b.1788-d.1869
PACKARD, Benjamin (i1114), b.1734-
PACKARD, Benjamin (i1280), b.1772-
PACKARD, Benjamin (i1536), b.1828-
PACKARD, Benjamin Alden (i1525), b.1806-
PACKARD, Benjamin Frank (i1731), b.1849-
PACKARD, Benjamin Winslow (i1547), b.1826-
PACKARD, Benjamin, < (i1026), b.1749-
PACKARD, Benjamin, < (i1624), b.1730-
PACKARD, Bethaih (i1648), b.1758-
PACKARD, Bethiah (i822), b.1710-
PACKARD, Bethuel (i1170), b.1760-
PACKARD, Betsey (i566), b.1798-
PACKARD, Betsey (i912), b.1799-
PACKARD, Betsey (i1970), b.1841-d.1850
PACKARD, Betsey (i2064), b.1791-
PACKARD, Betsy (i1043), b.1765-
PACKARD, Betsy (i1243), b.1770-
PACKARD, Betsy (i1534), b.1824-
PACKARD, Betsy (i1613), b.1803-
PACKARD, Betsy (i1667), b.1812-
PACKARD, Betsy (marriage to Isaiah PACKARD) (i1243), b.1770-
PACKARD, Betsy Howard (i1515), b.1804-
PACKARD, Betty (i373), b.1727-
PACKARD, Betty (i435), b.1758-
PACKARD, Betty (i1023), b.1739-
PACKARD, Caleb (i1029), b.1758-
PACKARD, Caleb (i1198), b.1759-d.1783
PACKARD, Caleb (i1344), b.1783-
PACKARD, Caleb (i1764), b.1760-
PACKARD, Caleb (marriage to Sally PACKARD) (i1344), b.1783-
PACKARD, Caleb, < (i376), b.1735-
PACKARD, Caleb, < (i1199), b.1757-d.1759
PACKARD, Calvin (i1171), b.1762-
PACKARD, Candace (i1969), b.1827-
PACKARD, Capt Robert (i962), b.1760-
PACKARD, Capt. Abiel (i867), b.1699-d.1776
PACKARD, Capt. Adin (i1414), b.1783-
PACKARD, Capt. David (i1202), b.1742-d.1786
PACKARD, Capt. Isaac (i948), b.1720-d.1792
PACKARD, Capt. John (i1374), b.1782-
PACKARD, Capt. John (marriage to Silence PACKARD) (i1374), b.1782-
PACKARD, Capt. Lemuel (i1219), b.1747-d.1822
PACKARD, Capt. Nathan (i358), b.1733-d.1798
PACKARD, Capt. Parmenas (i1052), b.1757-
PACKARD, Caroline (i366), d.1869
PACKARD, Catharine (i1386), b.1814-
PACKARD, Catherine (i2129), b.1895-
PACKARD, Celia (i1541), b.1820-
PACKARD, Charity (i849), b.1734-
PACKARD, Charity (i1347), b.1770-d.1846
PACKARD, Charity (marriage to Ephraim PACKARD) (i1347), b.1770-d.1846
PACKARD, Charity, < (i1678), b.1747-
PACKARD, Charles (i977), b.1792-
PACKARD, Charles (i1323), b.1772-
PACKARD, Charles (i1365), b.1790-
PACKARD, Charles (i1476), b.1792-
PACKARD, Charles (i1745), b.1846-
PACKARD, Charles (i2045), b.1812-
PACKARD, Charles A. (i1333), b.1825-
PACKARD, Charles Ames (i1616), b.1810-
PACKARD, Charles Austin, < (i1620), b.1810-
PACKARD, Charles Fobes (i1328), b.1796-
PACKARD, Charles Henry, < (i2112), b.1825-d.1826
PACKARD, Charles S. (i2125), b.1856-
PACKARD, Charles, < (i7), b.1790-d.1808
PACKARD, Charlotte (i1486), b.1810-
PACKARD, Charlotte (i1521), b.1796-
PACKARD, Chester (i2065), b.1788-
PACKARD, Chloe (i378), b.1737-
PACKARD, Chloe (i1462), b.1789-
PACKARD, Chloe (i1477), b.1794-
PACKARD, Chloe (i1695), b.1755-
PACKARD, Chloe (i1763), b.1758-
PACKARD, Clara (i1305), b.1799-
PACKARD, Clara Dawes, < (i2122), b.1839-d.1850
PACKARD, Clarissa (i2006), b.1817-
PACKARD, Clarissa, < (i2101), b.1819-d.1819
PACKARD, Clarissa, < (i2102), b.1823-d.1823
PACKARD, Clark, < (i2046), b.1808-d.1829
PACKARD, Clyde Monroe (i2130), b.1889-
PACKARD, Content (i978), b.1795-
PACKARD, Content (i1251), b.1747-
PACKARD, Content, < (i1684), b.1744-
PACKARD, Cornelius, < (i515), b.1738-
PACKARD, Cullen (i2047), b.1814-
PACKARD, Cynthia (i94), b.1812-d.1884
PACKARD, Cynthia (i1142), b.1780-d.1832
PACKARD, Cyrus (i541), b.1771-d.1825
PACKARD, Cyrus (i570), b.1804-
PACKARD, Cyrus (i1058), b.1772-
PACKARD, Cyrus (i1208), b.1775-
PACKARD, Cyrus (i1364), b.1788-
PACKARD, Cyrus (i1927), b.1810-d.1870
PACKARD, Cyrus Morton (i1724), b.1865-
PACKARD, Dan (i1494), b.1781-
PACKARD, Daniel (i813), b.1670-d.1732
PACKARD, Daniel (i831), b.1722-
PACKARD, Daniel (i1024), b.1742-
PACKARD, Daniel (i1059), b.1776-
PACKARD, Daniel (i1189), b.1770-
PACKARD, Daniel (i1644), b.1749-
PACKARD, Daniel, < (i2416), b.1817-d.1818
PACKARD, Danison (i1310), b.1811-
PACKARD, David (i402), b.1760-
PACKARD, David (i863), b.1688-d.1755
PACKARD, David (i929), b.1821-
PACKARD, David (i945), b.1713-d.1785
PACKARD, David (i1376), b.1787-
PACKARD, David (i1404), b.1792-
PACKARD, David (i1551), b.1809-
PACKARD, David (i1666), b.1810-
PACKARD, David, < (i1676), b.1768-
PACKARD, Davis (i1467), b.1790-
PACKARD, Deacon Abel (i550), b.1754-d.1832
PACKARD, Deacon Barnabas (i535), b.1739-d.1824
PACKARD, Deacon Ebenezer (i956), b.1750-
PACKARD, Deacon Eliphalet (i961), b.1758-d.1819
PACKARD, Deacon James (i865), b.1691-d.1765
PACKARD, Deborah (i337), b.1648-
PACKARD, Deborah (i355), b.1706-d.1744
PACKARD, Deborah (i879), b.1750-
PACKARD, Deborah (i1520), b.1795-
PACKARD, Deborah (i1703), b.1778-
PACKARD, Deliverance (i336), b.1652-
PACKARD, Deliverance (i352), b.1700-d.1776
PACKARD, Desire (i379), b.1740-
PACKARD, Diantah (i569), b.1802-
PACKARD, Diantha Melinda, < (i2078), b.1835-d.1837
PACKARD, Dorothy (i1130), b.1754-
PACKARD, Dr. Ira F. (i10), b.1808-d.1900
PACKARD, Dr. Lyman (i365), b.1821-d.1893
PACKARD, Dr. Nelson I., < (i360), b.1830-d.1897
PACKARD, Ebenezer (i950), b.1725-d.1803
PACKARD, Ebenezer (i973), b.1783-
PACKARD, Ebenezer (i1448), b.1802-
PACKARD, Ebenezer (i1544), b.1826-
PACKARD, Edith Sands (i1011), b.1885-
PACKARD, Edmund (i1743), b.1821-
PACKARD, Edward (i1041), b.1761-
PACKARD, Edward (i1078), b.1811-
PACKARD, Edward (i1629), b.1730-
PACKARD, Edward (i1699), b.1770-
PACKARD, Edwin (i1390), b.1816-
PACKARD, Edwin Chester (i2105), b.1819-
PACKARD, Elbridge Gerry (i1084), b.1811-
PACKARD, Eldad, < (i518), b.1747-
PACKARD, Eleazer (i1098), b.1727-
PACKARD, Eleazer (i1273), b.1756-
PACKARD, Eliab (i1025), b.1745-
PACKARD, Eliab (i1192), b.1770-
PACKARD, Eliab (marriage to Alice PACKARD) (i1025), b.1745-
PACKARD, Elijah (i2), b.1726-d.1766
PACKARD, Elijah (i68), b.1762-d.1796
PACKARD, Elijah (i407), b.1762-
PACKARD, Elijah (i1057), b.1769-
PACKARD, Elijah (i1304), b.1797-
PACKARD, Elijah (i1646), b.1753-
PACKARD, Eliphalet (i1422), b.1785-
PACKARD, Eliphalet, < (i494), b.1708-
PACKARD, Eliphalet, Esq (i2066), b.1784-
PACKARD, Eliphaz (i1360), b.1774-
PACKARD, Eliza Dyer (i1607), b.1813-
PACKARD, Eliza Mary, < (i933), b.1835-d.1837
PACKARD, Eliza Stetson (i1313), b.1812-
PACKARD, Elizabeth (i343), b.1635-
PACKARD, Elizabeth (i353), b.1702-d.1742
PACKARD, Elizabeth (i815)
PACKARD, Elizabeth O. (i1735), b.1828-
PACKARD, Ellen I. (i2007), b.1840-d.1909
PACKARD, Elnathan (i1701), b.1774-
PACKARD, Elvira, < (i2113), b.1818-d.1819
PACKARD, Emily G. (i604), b.1889-
PACKARD, Emily M., < (i361), b.1834-d.1900
PACKARD, Emma (i617), b.1849-
PACKARD, Emma, < (i2153), b.1868-d.1870
PACKARD, Ensign Abel (i533), b.1729-d.1804
PACKARD, Ephraim (i1205), b.1752-
PACKARD, Ephraim (i1258), b.1765-d.1831
PACKARD, Ephraim (i1509), b.1787-
PACKARD, Ephraim (marriage to Charity PACKARD) (i1258), b.1765-d.1831
PACKARD, Ephraim, < (i1206), b.1743-d.1751
PACKARD, Ephraim, < (i1259), b.1753-d.1768
PACKARD, Ernest Kingman, < (i939), b.1856-d.1877
PACKARD, Esther (i551), b.1756-
PACKARD, Esther White (i1083), b.1809-
PACKARD, Eugenia Maria (i917), b.1815-
PACKARD, Eunice (i957), b.1750-
PACKARD, Eunice (i1241), b.1767-
PACKARD, Eunice (i1406), b.1780-
PACKARD, Eunice (i1484), b.1799-
PACKARD, Eunice (i1965), b.1785-
PACKARD, Eve (i1252), b.1750-
PACKARD, Ezekiel (i1537), b.1830-
PACKARD, Ezra Thomas (i2114), b.1821-
PACKARD, Faithful (i350), b.1696-
PACKARD, Fannie Louise (i1007), b.1858-d.1910
PACKARD, Fearnot (i346), b.1688-
PACKARD, Fordyce (i2048), b.1816-
PACKARD, Frances (i4304), b.1601-
PACKARD, Frances Gibbs (i937), b.1848-
PACKARD, Francis (i1572), b.1800-
PACKARD, Frank (i619), b.1853-
PACKARD, Frank S. (i603), b.1887-
PACKARD, Franklin I., < (i599), b.1861-d.1888
PACKARD, Franklin S. (i362), b.1838-d.1918
PACKARD, Franklin S. (i1332), b.1825-
PACKARD, Freelove (i522), b.1753-
PACKARD, French (i1535), b.1826-
PACKARD, Galen (i1067), b.1786-
PACKARD, Galen (i1655), b.1771-
PACKARD, Gamaliel (i883), b.1758-
PACKARD, Gamaliel (i1324), b.1775-
PACKARD, George (i345), b.1686-
PACKARD, George (i443), b.1730-
PACKARD, George (i455), b.1767-d.1864
PACKARD, George (i996), b.1826-
PACKARD, George (i2026), b.1887-
PACKARD, George (i4300), b.1575-d.1623
PACKARD, George (i4311), b.1623-
PACKARD, George (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i443), b.1730-
PACKARD, George B. (i2010), b.1852-
PACKARD, George Washington (i916), b.1814-
PACKARD, Georgianna Ida, < (i1005), b.1851-d.1852
PACKARD, Gertrude A. (i600), b.1864-
PACKARD, Gideon H. (i1072), b.1798-
PACKARD, Gooding (i882), b.1756-
PACKARD, Gooding (i896), b.1787-d.1864
PACKARD, Hannah (i340), b.1644-
PACKARD, Hannah (i351), b.1698-
PACKARD, Hannah (i495), b.1710-
PACKARD, Hannah (i947), b.1719-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1136), b.1764-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1149), b.1802-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1187), b.1766-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1214), b.1772-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1217), b.1744-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1244), b.1772-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1366), b.1792-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1402), b.1787-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1498), b.1787-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1576), b.1810-
PACKARD, Hannah (i1652), b.1764-
PACKARD, Hanry S. (i1326), b.1792-
PACKARD, Harmony (i1460), b.1795-
PACKARD, Harriet (i1387), b.1816-
PACKARD, Harriet (i1573), b.1803-
PACKARD, Harriet Frances (i1719), b.1847-
PACKARD, Harrison Davis (i1717), b.1840-
PACKARD, Harrison W. (i2008), b.1845-d.1906
PACKARD, Harry Herman, < (i2427), b.1848-d.1849
PACKARD, Helen Lucy, < (i2155), b.1859-d.1877
PACKARD, Heman (i1470), b.1797-
PACKARD, Henry (i927), b.1817-
PACKARD, Henry (i989), b.1790-
PACKARD, Henry Mygatt, < (i1012), b.1886-d.1893
PACKARD, Henry Walter, < (i934), b.1840-d.1840
PACKARD, Hepzibiah (i375), b.1732-
PACKARD, Hermon (i1539), b.1834-
PACKARD, Hezekiah (i1511), b.1793-
PACKARD, Hezekiah (Huldah?) (i1128), b.1745-
PACKARD, Hiram (i1574), b.1805-
PACKARD, Hittie C. (i1933), b.1849-
PACKARD, Holder (i1584), b.1789-
PACKARD, Homer H., < (i2373), b.1832-
PACKARD, Horace F. (i1718), b.1842-
PACKARD, Horatio (i1528), b.1813-
PACKARD, Hosea (i1523), b.1800-
PACKARD, Hosea (i1542), b.1822-
PACKARD, Howard (i1242), b.1768-
PACKARD, Huldah (i1281), b.1774-
PACKARD, Huldah (i1438), b.1791-
PACKARD, Ichabod (i401), b.1757-
PACKARD, Ichabod (i447), b.1738-
PACKARD, Ichabod (i1264), b.1760-
PACKARD, Ichabod (i1691), b.1763-
PACKARD, Ichabod E. (i1711), b.1812-
PACKARD, Isaac (i505), b.1737-
PACKARD, Isaac (i832), b.1724-
PACKARD, Isaac (i911), b.1796-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1232), b.1751-d.1778
PACKARD, Isaac (i1303), b.1795-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1392), b.1778-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1447), b.1800-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1662), b.1802-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1672), b.1796-
PACKARD, Isaac (i1693), b.1769-
PACKARD, Isaac Tirrell (i2093), b.1826-
PACKARD, Isabelle Emma (i1006), b.1856-
PACKARD, Isaiah (i1276), b.1764-
PACKARD, Isaiah (marriage to Betsy PACKARD) (i1276), b.1764-
PACKARD, Israel (i339), b.1646-
PACKARD, Israel (i491), b.1680-
PACKARD, Israel (i497), b.1717-
PACKARD, Israel (i906), b.1779-
PACKARD, Israel (i925), b.1813-
PACKARD, Israel (i1257), b.1765-
PACKARD, Jacob (i873), b.1728-
PACKARD, Jacob (i884), b.1761-
PACKARD, Jacob (i1107), b.1720-d.1777
PACKARD, Jacob (i1124), b.1747-
PACKARD, Jacob (i1503), b.1780-
PACKARD, Jacob (i1700), b.1772-
PACKARD, Jacob (marriage to Zibia PACKARD) (i884), b.1761-
PACKARD, Jacob, < (i558), b.1771-
PACKARD, Jael (i338), b.1647-
PACKARD, James (i1088), b.1724-
PACKARD, James (i1255), b.1758-
PACKARD, James (i1508), b.1783-
PACKARD, James Edmund (i1730), b.1848-
PACKARD, James J. (i601), b.1868-d.1938
PACKARD, James Monroe (i611), b.1837-
PACKARD, James Wallace (i932), b.1833-d.1898
PACKARD, James, < (i1680), b.1750-d.1758
PACKARD, Jane (i953), b.1734-
PACKARD, Jane (i1485), b.1804-
PACKARD, Jane Augusta (i2049), b.1822-
PACKARD, Jane, < (i4302), b.1650-d.1660
PACKARD, Jazael (i1657), b.1774-
PACKARD, Jedediah, < (i1685), b.1738-
PACKARD, Jemima (i1090), b.1729-
PACKARD, Jemima, < (i1679), b.1763-
PACKARD, Jennet (i1492), b.1777-
PACKARD, Jerome Henry (i1545), b.1828-
PACKARD, Jerusha (i1533), b.1822-
PACKARD, Jerusha (i1593), b.1807-
PACKARD, Jerusha, < (i512), b.1744-
PACKARD, Jesse (i1504), b.1783-
PACKARD, Jesse (i1712), b.1810-
PACKARD, Jesse Catesbury, < (i2425), b.1843-d.1863
PACKARD, Jesse, < (i1625), b.1731-
PACKARD, Jesse, < (i1674), b.1765-
PACKARD, Joanna (i607), b.1804-d.1880
PACKARD, Joanna (i1110), b.1725-
PACKARD, Job (i824), b.1716-d.1805
PACKARD, Job (i858), b.1750-
PACKARD, Job (i887), b.1770-
PACKARD, Job (i1650), b.1761-
PACKARD, Joel (i1407), b.1798-d.1840
PACKARD, Joel B. (i1925), b.1814-d.1860
PACKARD, Joel, esq (i963), b.1762-
PACKARD, John (i77), b.1655-d.1741
PACKARD, John (i530), b.1695-d.1738
PACKARD, John (i534), b.1735-
PACKARD, John (i837), b.1732-
PACKARD, John (i1349), b.1774-
PACKARD, John (i1399), b.1778-
PACKARD, John (i1550), b.1806-
PACKARD, John (i1627), b.1726-
PACKARD, John (i1654), b.1769-
PACKARD, John (i1664), b.1806-
PACKARD, John (i1702), b.1776-
PACKARD, John (i4306), b.1603-d.1659
PACKARD, John (i4320), b.1636-d.1697
PACKARD, John Ford (i542), b.1776-
PACKARD, Jonas (i958), b.1752-
PACKARD, Jonas (i1400), b.1782-
PACKARD, Jonas, < (i412), b.1772-d.1819
PACKARD, Jonathan (i444), b.1732-
PACKARD, Jonathan (i510), b.1751-
PACKARD, Jonathan (i862), b.1684-d.1750
PACKARD, Jonathan (i871), b.1724-d.1730
PACKARD, Jonathan (i874), b.1730-
PACKARD, Jonathan (i885), b.1764-
PACKARD, Jonathan (i1552), b.1809-
PACKARD, Jonathan (i1757), b.1763-
PACKARD, Jonathan, < (i1622), b.1755-
PACKARD, Joseph (i814), b.1700-
PACKARD, Joseph (i835), b.1725-
PACKARD, Joseph (i860), b.1690-d.1760
PACKARD, Joseph (i966), b.1767-
PACKARD, Joseph (i1628), b.1728-
PACKARD, Joseph (i1659), b.1796-
PACKARD, Joseph (i1705), b.1761-d.1833
PACKARD, Joseph (i1912), b.1800-
PACKARD, Joseph Edwin (i1004), b.1854-
PACKARD, Josephine (i615), b.1845-
PACKARD, Joshua (i377), b.1735-
PACKARD, Joshua (i508), b.1741-
PACKARD, Joshua (i1019), b.1730-
PACKARD, Joshua (i1030), b.1759-
PACKARD, Josiah (i856), b.1751-
PACKARD, Josiah (i920), b.1802-
PACKARD, Josiah (i1017), b.1723-d.1793
PACKARD, Josiah (i1038), b.1755-
PACKARD, Josiah (i1471), b.1800-
PACKARD, Josiah (i1565), b.1803-
PACKARD, Josiah (i1608), b.1816-
PACKARD, Josiah (i1614), b.1805-
PACKARD, Josiah Edson (i1176), b.1776-
PACKARD, Judith (i1633), b.1732-
PACKARD, Katherine Odessa (i1014), b.1890-
PACKARD, Katie Sophia (i2126), b.1859-
PACKARD, Keziah (i1089), b.1727-
PACKARD, Keziah (i1222), b.1754-
PACKARD, Keziah (i1424), b.1790-
PACKARD, Keziah (i1506), b.1779-
PACKARD, Laura Sarah (i2079), b.1825-
PACKARD, Lavina C. (i2003), b.1798-
PACKARD, Leah (i1696), b.1757-
PACKARD, Lebbcus (i1032), b.1763-
PACKARD, Lebeus (i1301), b.1791-
PACKARD, Lemuel (i1371), b.1775-d.1822
PACKARD, Lemuel (i1553), b.1814-
PACKARD, Levi (i1237), b.1761-
PACKARD, Levi (i1468), b.1793-
PACKARD, Levi Spencer (i2147), b.1831-
PACKARD, Lewis (i608), b.1809-d.1856
PACKARD, Lewis (i1300), b.1789-
PACKARD, Liberty (i923), b.1808-
PACKARD, Liberty Dodge (i931), b.1831-d.1895
PACKARD, Lillian Hale, < (i2428), b.1852-
PACKARD, Lillie Mansfield (i940), b.1863-
PACKARD, Lina Sabra (i2154), b.1874-
PACKARD, Loammi, < (i1673), b.1772-
PACKARD, Lorenzo Emerson (i1527), b.1810-
PACKARD, Lot (i964), b.1763-
PACKARD, Louisa (i1341), b.1800-
PACKARD, Lowell Fordyce (i2131), b.1892-
PACKARD, Lucina M. (i363), b.1843-d.1910
PACKARD, Lucinda (i9), b.1805-d.1831
PACKARD, Lucinda (i367)
PACKARD, Lucinda (i918), b.1819-
PACKARD, Lucinda (i1403), b.1790-
PACKARD, Lucinda (i1714), b.1836-
PACKARD, Lucius (i1514), b.1801-
PACKARD, Lucius (i1577), b.1812-
PACKARD, Lucius Sumner (i1082), b.1808-
PACKARD, Lucy (i502), b.1731-
PACKARD, Lucy (i1138), b.1773-d.1830
PACKARD, Lucy (i1413), b.1781-
PACKARD, Lucy, < (i11), b.1800-d.1803
PACKARD, Luke (i1254), b.1756-
PACKARD, Luke (i1598), b.1785-
PACKARD, Luther (i1172), b.1764-
PACKARD, Luther (i1591), b.1802-
PACKARD, Luther (i2109), b.1789-d.1860
PACKARD, Luther M. (i2115), b.1819-
PACKARD, Lydia (i349), b.1694-
PACKARD, Lydia (i415), b.1778-
PACKARD, Lydia (i445), b.1734-
PACKARD, Lydia (i532), b.1726-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1213), b.1769-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1302), b.1793-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1434), b.1795-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1465), b.1795-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1692), b.1766-
PACKARD, Lydia (i1966), b.1787-
PACKARD, Lydia Thayer (i1529), b.1815-
PACKARD, Lydia, < (i553), b.1760-d.1836
PACKARD, Lyman, < (i606), b.1870-d.1914
PACKARD, Lyman, XXX (i5), b.1785-d.1819 Caution! This 'connection' not proved.
PACKARD, Manley (i2418), b.1819-
PACKARD, Marcus (i1605), b.1808-
PACKARD, Margaret (i347), b.1690-
PACKARD, Margret (i4305), b.1610-
PACKARD, Maria Pickering (i1314), b.1816-
PACKARD, Marietta (i582), b.1825-
PACKARD, Mark (i1125), b.1751-
PACKARD, Mark (i1497), b.1790-
PACKARD, Marlborough (i1154), b.1763-
PACKARD, Martha (i830), b.1721-
PACKARD, Martha (i1085), b.1814-
PACKARD, Martha (i1111), b.1727-
PACKARD, Martha (i1588), b.1798-
PACKARD, Martha (i1649), b.1760-
PACKARD, Martha (i1963), b.1781-
PACKARD, Martha (Patty) (i1351), b.1778-
PACKARD, Martha, < (i1623), b.1765-
PACKARD, Martin (i1378), b.1791-
PACKARD, Martin H. (i1934), b.1838-d.1909
PACKARD, Mary (i341), b.1642-
PACKARD, Mary (i354), b.1704-d.1770
PACKARD, Mary (i372), b.1725-
PACKARD, Mary (i418), b.1785-
PACKARD, Mary (i506), b.1739-
PACKARD, Mary (i555), b.1764-
PACKARD, Mary (i816)
PACKARD, Mary (i828), b.1716-
PACKARD, Mary (i836), b.1729-
PACKARD, Mary (i949), b.1722-
PACKARD, Mary (i970), b.1778-
PACKARD, Mary (i993), b.1820-
PACKARD, Mary (i1037), b.1753-
PACKARD, Mary (i1054), b.1762-
PACKARD, Mary (i1080), b.1815-
PACKARD, Mary (i1212), b.1767-
PACKARD, Mary (i1253), b.1754-
PACKARD, Mary (i1283), b.1778-
PACKARD, Mary (i1452), b.1810-
PACKARD, Mary (i1463), b.1791-
PACKARD, Mary (i1507), b.1781-
PACKARD, Mary (i1575), b.1808-
PACKARD, Mary (i1631), b.1734-
PACKARD, Mary (i1653), b.1767-
PACKARD, Mary (i1668), b.1814-
PACKARD, Mary (i1689), b.1758-
PACKARD, Mary (i4310), b.1618-d.1662
PACKARD, Mary (Lillie?) (i1747), b.1850-
PACKARD, Mary (marriage to Noah PACKARD) (i1283), b.1778-
PACKARD, Mary (Polly) (i1352), b.1780-
PACKARD, Mary Ann (i1331), b.1820-
PACKARD, Mary French (i1566), b.1805-
PACKARD, Mary Lavina (i2117), b.1850-
PACKARD, Mary Manley (i2423), b.1836-
PACKARD, Mary Perkins (i1526), b.1808-
PACKARD, Mary Wallace (i942), b.1869-
PACKARD, Mary(Polly) (i69), b.1765-
PACKARD, Mary, < (i2050), b.1821-d.1821
PACKARD, Mary, < (i2099), b.1821-d.1826
PACKARD, Matida (i1223), b.1756-
PACKARD, Matilda (i1368), b.1796-
PACKARD, Matthew (i960), b.1756-d.1795
PACKARD, Matthew (i1423), b.1787-
PACKARD, Mayhew (i1140), b.1776-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i492), b.1705-d.1753
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i503), b.1734-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1033), b.1765-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1211), b.1765-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1282), b.1776-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1408), b.1800-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1456), b.1791-
PACKARD, Mehitabel (i1578), b.1815-
PACKARD, Mehitabel, < (i1677), b.1739-
PACKARD, Mehitable (i952), b.1730-
PACKARD, Mehitable (i2004), b.1800-
PACKARD, Melatiah (i968), b.1774-
PACKARD, Mellissa Augusta (i2094), b.1820-
PACKARD, Melvin (i921), b.1804-
PACKARD, Melzer (i521), b.1751-
PACKARD, Mercy (i504), b.1735-
PACKARD, Mercy (i1101), b.1738-
PACKARD, Mercy (i1656), b.1771-
PACKARD, Mercy A. (i1971), b.1838-d.1854
PACKARD, Micah (i1116), b.1738-
PACKARD, Micah (i1143), b.1783-
PACKARD, Micah (i1373), b.1780-
PACKARD, Molly (i538), b.1766-
PACKARD, Molly (i1582), b.1784-
PACKARD, Moses (i1401), b.1786-
PACKARD, Moses (i4319), b.1537-
PACKARD, Myra Ellen (i2429), b.1854-
PACKARD, Nabby (Abigail?) (marriage to Bartimeus PACKARD) (i2124), b.1775-
PACKARD, Nahun (i1144), b.1789-
PACKARD, Nancy (i1359), b.1772-
PACKARD, Nancy (i1457), b.1792-
PACKARD, Nancy (i1611), b.1799-
PACKARD, Nancy C. (i2002), b.1796-
PACKARD, Nathan (i408), b.1769-d.1823
PACKARD, Nathan (i1113), b.1734-d.1772
PACKARD, Nathan (i1155), b.1767-
PACKARD, Nathan (i1308), b.1806-
PACKARD, Nathan (i2415), b.1816-
PACKARD, Nathan Francis, < (i2424), b.1838-d.1873
PACKARD, Nathan, < (i1108), b.1722-d.1722
PACKARD, Nathan, < (i4309), b.1614-d.1616
PACKARD, Nathaniel (i78), b.1657-d.1720
PACKARD, Nathaniel (i357), b.1730-
PACKARD, Nathaniel (i405), b.1766-
PACKARD, Nathaniel (i1665), b.1808-
PACKARD, Nehamiah (i1421), b.1783-
PACKARD, Nehemiah (i833), b.1728-d.1758
PACKARD, Nehemiah (i1265), b.1762-
PACKARD, Nehemiah (i1690), b.1760-
PACKARD, Nellie Hall (i941), b.1863-
PACKARD, Nelson (i1606), b.1810-
PACKARD, Noah (i965), b.1765-
PACKARD, Noah (i1272), b.1752-
PACKARD, Noah (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i965), b.1765-
PACKARD, Noah, < (i559), b.1774-
PACKARD, Olive (i416), b.1780-
PACKARD, Olive (i556), b.1767-
PACKARD, Olive (i1271), b.1752-
PACKARD, Olive (i1284), b.1780-
PACKARD, Olive (i1350), b.1776-
PACKARD, Olive (i1440), b.1795-
PACKARD, Olive (i2072), b.1793-
PACKARD, Oliver (i406), b.1760-
PACKARD, Oliver (i1126), b.1754-
PACKARD, Oren (i1660), b.1798-
PACKARD, Oren (i1671), b.1793-
PACKARD, Orson, < (i2121), b.1835-d.1835
PACKARD, Oscar (i618), b.1851-
PACKARD, Othniel (i908), b.1786-
PACKARD, Pardon (i1586), b.1792-
PACKARD, Parmenas (i1066), b.1782-
PACKARD, Parnel (i1632), b.1730-
PACKARD, Patience (i1306), b.1801-
PACKARD, Patty (i1285), b.1782-
PACKARD, Patty (i1439), b.1793-
PACKARD, Paul (i823), b.1714-
PACKARD, Perez (i410), b.1768-
PACKARD, Perez (i1175), b.1771-
PACKARD, Peter Monfort (i992), b.1819-d.1903
PACKARD, Peter Wiley (i1003), b.1849-d.1908
PACKARD, Phebe (i1240), b.1767-
PACKARD, Phebe (i1469), b.1795-
PACKARD, Phebe, < (i516), b.1749-
PACKARD, Philander (i543), b.1778-d.1861
PACKARD, Philander (i578), b.1800-
PACKARD, Phile (i1493), b.1779-
PACKARD, Phile(?) (i1131), b.1760-
PACKARD, Philip (i453), b.1763-
PACKARD, Philip (i969), b.1776-
PACKARD, Philo (i2073), b.1798-d.1870
PACKARD, Philo Franklin (i2086), b.1833-d.1862
PACKARD, Philo French (i1568), b.1808-
PACKARD, Philo, < (i2071), b.1795-d.1797
PACKARD, Polli Carpus (i539), b.1768-d.1836
PACKARD, Polly (i565), b.1797-
PACKARD, Polly (i886), b.1767-
PACKARD, Polly (i1367), b.1794-
PACKARD, Polly Nelson (i1455), b.1793-
PACKARD, Polly Porter, < (i2074), b.1807-d.1815
PACKARD, Preston (i1585), b.1792-
PACKARD, Rachel (i1524), b.1803-
PACKARD, Rachel Electa (i2095), b.1828-
PACKARD, Ralph (i1031), b.1761-
PACKARD, Ransom (i409), b.1766-
PACKARD, Ransom (i2417), b.1818-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i446), b.1736-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i547), b.1769-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i1091), b.1732-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i1590), b.1800-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i1601), b.1792-
PACKARD, Rebecca (i1698), b.1768-
PACKARD, Reed (i1538), b.1832-
PACKARD, Relief (i1209), b.1777-
PACKARD, Reuben (i1092), b.1737-
PACKARD, Reuben, < (i1093), b.1736-d.1737
PACKARD, Reuel (i907), b.1780-
PACKARD, Reuel (i1581), b.1782-
PACKARD, Rev. Theophilus (i557), b.1769-
PACKARD, Rhoda (i975), b.1788-
PACKARD, Rhoda (i1129), b.1749-
PACKARD, Rhoda (i1190), b.1772-
PACKARD, Rhoda (marriage to Benjamin Alden PACKARD) (i1546), b.1805-
PACKARD, Robert (i498), b.1722-d.1753
PACKARD, Robert (i1431), b.1784-
PACKARD, Robert (i1446), b.1798-
PACKARD, Robert (i2025), b.1885-
PACKARD, Robert, < (i1681), b.1749-
PACKARD, Robie (i1458), b.1794-
PACKARD, Roland (i1071), b.1796-
PACKARD, Rosamond (i564), b.1795-
PACKARD, Rosina, < (i2051), b.1803-d.1807
PACKARD, Roxana (i1543), b.1824-
PACKARD, Roxanna (i417), b.1782-
PACKARD, Roxanna (i2052), b.1806-
PACKARD, Royal (i1073), b.1802-
PACKARD, Royal L. (i2053), b.1804-
PACKARD, Ruby, < (i2075), b.1799-d.1837
PACKARD, Ruth (i1432), b.1786-
PACKARD, Ruth (i1437), b.1789-
PACKARD, Ruth (i1706), b.1759-
PACKARD, Ruth (i2027), b.1890-
PACKARD, Ruth Mary, < (i935), b.1841-
PACKARD, Sally (i568), b.1800-
PACKARD, Sally (i1137), b.1769-d.1830
PACKARD, Sally (i1180), b.1786-
PACKARD, Sally (i1372), b.1777-
PACKARD, Sally (i1416), b.1787-
PACKARD, Sally (i1449), b.1804-
PACKARD, Sally (i1600), b.1790-
PACKARD, Sally (marriage to Caleb PACKARD) (i1600), b.1790-
PACKARD, Sally, < (i2103), b.1819-d.1819
PACKARD, Salome (i1150), b.1804-
PACKARD, Samuel (i74), b.1612-d.1684
PACKARD, Samuel (i75), b.1682-
PACKARD, Samuel (i344), b.1641-d.1698
PACKARD, Samuel (i374), b.1729-
PACKARD, Samuel (i812), b.1660-d.1716
PACKARD, Samuel (i821), b.1707-
PACKARD, Samuel (i850), b.1734-
PACKARD, Samuel (i1491), b.1775-
PACKARD, Sarah (i348), b.1692-
PACKARD, Sarah (i403), b.1762-
PACKARD, Sarah (i413), b.1774-
PACKARD, Sarah (i501), b.1728-
PACKARD, Sarah (i546), b.1765-
PACKARD, Sarah (i613), b.1841-
PACKARD, Sarah (i827), b.1714-
PACKARD, Sarah (i861), b.1682-
PACKARD, Sarah (i972), b.1781-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1022), b.1737-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1036), b.1751-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1106), b.1719-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1173), b.1767-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1220), b.1750-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1256), b.1760-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1369), b.1798-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1583), b.1787-
PACKARD, Sarah (i1964), b.1783-
PACKARD, Sarah Ann (i1384), b.1811-
PACKARD, Sarah C. (Kate?) (i1746), b.1848-
PACKARD, Sarah Elizabeth, < (i2430), b.1859-
PACKARD, Sarah, < (i493), b.1708-
PACKARD, Selah (i1592), b.1804-
PACKARD, Selah, < (i1580), b.1779-d.1804
PACKARD, Selina Fobes (i2054), b.1818-
PACKARD, Seth (i500), b.1703-d.1788
PACKARD, Seth (i507), b.1744-
PACKARD, Seth (i1099), b.1733-
PACKARD, Seth Mead (i2009), b.1847-
PACKARD, Shepard (i1040), b.1759-
PACKARD, Sibel (i1405), b.1796-
PACKARD, Sidney (i922), b.1806-
PACKARD, Sidney (i1569), b.1811-
PACKARD, Sihon (i1358), b.1770-
PACKARD, Sihon (i1661), b.1800-
PACKARD, Silas (i8), b.1793-d.1830
PACKARD, Silas (i1475), b.1790-
PACKARD, Silas (i1729), b.1846-
PACKARD, Silas (i1741), b.1829-d.1908
PACKARD, Silas (i2106), b.1826-
PACKARD, Silas, Esq (i1239), b.1765-
PACKARD, Silence (i845), b.1750-
PACKARD, Silence (i1053), b.1760-
PACKARD, Silence (i1070), b.1792-
PACKARD, Silence (marriage to Capt. John PACKARD) (i1070), b.1792-
PACKARD, Silvanus (i1221), b.1753-
PACKARD, Silvanus (i1377), b.1789-
PACKARD, Silvester (i974), b.1785-
PACKARD, Silvia (i436), b.1760-
PACKARD, Silvia (i1450), b.1806-
PACKARD, Simeon (i1100), b.1737-d.1782
PACKARD, Simeon (i1322), b.1770-
PACKARD, Simeon (i1338), b.1800-
PACKARD, Simeon (i1513), b.1797-
PACKARD, Simeon, < (i1275), b.1762-d.1782
PACKARD, Soloman (i1112), b.1729-d.1807
PACKARD, Soloman (i2005), b.1802-
PACKARD, Solomon (i864), b.1690-
PACKARD, Solomon (i1139), b.1774-
PACKARD, Sophia (i1496), b.1785-
PACKARD, Sophronia (i1309), b.1808-
PACKARD, Stephen S. (i995), b.1824-
PACKARD, Sullivan (i411), b.1770-
PACKARD, Sumner (i2107), b.1824-
PACKARD, Susan (i1340), b.1797-
PACKARD, Susan Stoddard (i2088), b.1840-
PACKARD, Susanna (i420), b.1795-
PACKARD, Susanna (i817)
PACKARD, Susanna (i829), b.1718-
PACKARD, Susanna (i851), b.1736-
PACKARD, Susanna (i872), b.1727-
PACKARD, Susanna (i928), b.1819-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1035), b.1749-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1069), b.1790-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1109), b.1725-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1158), b.1764-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1266), b.1763-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1307), b.1803-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1415), b.1785-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1612), b.1801-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1630), b.1732-
PACKARD, Susanna (i1704), b.1780-
PACKARD, Susanna Capen (i1487), b.1812-
PACKARD, Susanna, < (i1675), b.1761-
PACKARD, Susanna, < (i1683), b.1739-
PACKARD, Susanna, < (i1686), b.1762-
PACKARD, Susie Eliza (i936), b.1844-
PACKARD, Theophilus (i2067), b.1793-
PACKARD, Theophilus Simeon (i2096), b.1831-
PACKARD, Theron (i2100), b.1808-d.1850
PACKARD, Theron William (i2150), b.1854-d.1884
PACKARD, Thirza (i1495), b.1783-
PACKARD, Thomas (i342), b.1653-
PACKARD, Thomas (i1020), b.1732-
PACKARD, Thomas (i1055), b.1764-d.1814
PACKARD, Tilson (i1182), b.1792-
PACKARD, Timothy (i1021), b.1735-d.1780
PACKARD, Timothy (i1174), b.1769-
PACKARD, Vashti (i1502), b.1778-
PACKARD, Vesta Augusta (i2080), b.1830-
PACKARD, Walter (i616), b.1848-
PACKARD, Walter, < (i1682), b.1786-
PACKARD, Washburn (i1663), b.1804-
PACKARD, Willard (i1079), b.1812-
PACKARD, William (i567), b.1798-
PACKARD, William (i946), b.1715-d.1805
PACKARD, William (i1218), b.1746-
PACKARD, William (i1361), b.1776-
PACKARD, William (i1594), b.1811-
PACKARD, William (i1610), b.1797-
PACKARD, William (i2076), b.1791-d.1870
PACKARD, William Dwight (i2108), b.1828-
PACKARD, William G. (i893), b.1816-
PACKARD, William Guthrie (i1013), b.1889-
PACKARD, William Henry (i1330), b.1817-
PACKARD, William Lucius, < (i2081), b.1838-d.1838
PACKARD, Zachariah (i63), b.1684-d.1771
PACKARD, Zacheus (i76), b.1649-d.1723
PACKARD, Zacheus (i866), b.1693-d.1775
PACKARD, Zadock (i400), b.1755-
PACKARD, Zadock (i456), b.1768-
PACKARD, Zadock (i1587), b.1795-
PACKARD, Zebedee (i457), b.1770-
PACKARD, Zebulon (i1115), b.1736-d.1769
PACKARD, Zebulon (i1159), b.1768-
PACKARD, Zechariah (i404), b.1764-
PACKARD, Zenas (i1277), b.1766-
PACKARD, Zenas (i1522), b.1798-
PACKARD, Zephaniah, < (i517), b.1740-
PACKARD, Zerviah (i496), b.1713-
PACKARD, Zibeon (i1181), b.1789-
PACKARD, Zibeon (i1512), b.1795-
PACKARD, Zibia (i1056), b.1766-
PACKARD, Zibia (marriage to Jacob PACKARD) (i1056), b.1766-


PAINE, Phebe (marriage to Abiah PACKARD) (i1235), b.1730-d.1763


PAUL, Phineas (marriage to Jennet PACKARD) (i1499), b.1775-


PERKINS, Anne (marriage to Reuben PACKARD) (i1263), b.1740-
PERKINS, Dorothy (marriage to Jacob PACKARD) (i1123), b.1720-
PERKINS, Hannah (marriage to Daniel PACKARD) (i1186), b.1745-
PERKINS, James (marriage to Betsy PACKARD) (i1049), b.1760-
PERKINS, Jonathan, Jr. (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i876), b.1730-
PERKINS, Keziah (marriage to Matthew PACKARD) (i1420), b.1760-
PERKINS, Luke (marriage to Rebecca PACKARD) (i1095), b.1730-
PERKINS, Martha (marriage to Nathan PACKARD) (i1153), b.1740-
PERKINS, Mary (marriage to Simeon PACKARD) (i1274), b.1740-
PERKINS, Rebecca (marriage to Josiah PACKARD) (i1597), b.1760-
PERKINS, Sally (marriage to Capt Robert PACKARD) (i1436), b.1765-d.1795
PERKINS, Sarah (marriage to Ebenezer PACKARD) (i954), b.1725-d.1810
PERKINS, Susanna (marriage to David PACKARD) (i1380), b.1790-
PERKINS, Zadock (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i1247), b.1770-


PETERSON, Rebecca (marriage to Bethuel PACKARD) (i1178), b.1760-


PHILLIPS, ? (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i526)
PHILLIPS, Cory (i759)
PHILLIPS, John (marriage to Karen JOHNSON) (i758)
PHILLIPS, Lindsay (i760)


PHINNEY, Keziah (marriage to Adin PACKARD) (i1412), b.1753-d.1839
PHINNEY, Lurania, < (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD <) (i1195), b.1755-
PHINNEY, Zeruiah (marriage to Ebenezer PACKARD) (i985), b.1785-


PIERCE, ? (marriage to Keziah PACKARD) (i1228), b.1750-
PIERCE, Mary (marriage to Hanry S. PACKARD) (i1329), b.1795-


POOL, David (i1857), b.1755-
POOL, Hannah (i1852), b.1744-
POOL, Harriett M. (marriage to Jesse PACKARD) (i1716), b.1815-
POOL, Isaac (i1855), b.1751-
POOL, Isaac (marriage to Sarah LEONARD) (i1851), b.1720-
POOL, Mary (i1853), b.1746-
POOL, Olive (i1854), b.1748-
POOL, Sarah, < (marriage to John HOOPER <) (i1788), b.1745-
POOL, Wealthy (i1856), b.1753-


POPE, Rebecca (marriage to Edward PACKARD) (i1697), b.1740-


PORTER, Abigail (marriage to Capt. Isaac PACKARD) (i1231), b.1720-
PORTER, Abigail (Nabby) (marriage to Adam PACKARD Esq) (i2068), b.1768-d.1829
PORTER, Esther (marriage to Ensign Abel PACKARD) (i549), b.1734-d.1812
PORTER, Parthena (marriage to Theron PACKARD) (i2118), b.1810-


POWERS, ? (marriage to Martin PACKARD) (i1382), b.1795-


PRATT, Anna (marriage to John PACKARD) (i1634), b.1730-
PRATT, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel WASHBURN) (i1768), b.1715-


PRINCE, ? (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i1262), b.1750-


PRIOR, Robert (marriage to Clarissa PACKARD) (i2032), b.1815-


PULLIN, Sally (marriage to Cyrus PACKARD) (i562)


PUTNAM, R. Porter (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i998), b.1815-


QUINN, Cora (marriage to William Fayette JOHNSON) (i103), b.1875-d.1945


RAMSDELL, Noah (marriage to Polly PACKARD) (i572)


RANDALL, Matthew (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i984), b.1780-
RANDALL, Samuel (marriage to Roxanna PACKARD) (i1298), b.1780-


RANSOM, Sarah (marriage to Harrison W. PACKARD) (i2020), b.1855-


REYNOLDS, Elizabeth (marriage to Perez PACKARD) (i1296), b.1775-
REYNOLDS, Hannah (marriage to William PACKARD) (i1357), b.1750-d.1784
REYNOLDS, Martha (marriage to Capt. Parmenas PACKARD) (i1064), b.1760-
REYNOLDS, Mary (marriage to Deacon Ebenezer PACKARD) (i967), b.1750-d.1781
REYNOLDS, Philip (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i1225), b.1740-


RICE, ? (marriage to Mary (Polly) PACKARD) (i1355), b.1780-


RICHARDS, Daniel (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i980), b.1720-
RICHARDS, James (marriage to Dorothy PACKARD) (i1133), b.1750-
RICHARDS, Mehitabel (marriage to David PACKARD) (i1200), b.1720-d.1767
RICHARDS, Mercy (marriage to Eleazer PACKARD) (i1270), b.1730-
RICHARDS, Sarah (marriage to William PACKARD) (i1215), b.1720-


RICHARDSON, Rebecca (marriage to Zebulon PACKARD) (i1157), b.1740-


RICKARD, Seth (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1319), b.1735-


RIDER, Mary (marriage to Elijah PACKARD) (i62), b.1730-d.1790


ROBERTSON, Monroe (marriage to Mary (Lillie?) PACKARD) (i1754), b.1845-


ROBINSON, Benjamin (marriage to Eve PACKARD) (i1261), b.1750-
ROBINSON, Benjamin (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i1559), b.1785-
ROBINSON, John (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i1061), b.1760-
ROBINSON, Mara (marriage to David PACKARD) (i1761), b.1760-
ROBINSON, Zibeah, (?) (marriage to Daniel PACKARD) (i1191), b.1770-


ROSE, ?, < (i653), b.1917-d.1927
ROSE, Arthur (marriage to Ida May JOHNSON) (i637), b.1887-d.1973
ROSE, Lucile (i655), b.1921-
ROSE, William Perry, < (i654), b.1919-d.1940


ROUSE, Azariah (marriage to Nancy C. PACKARD) (i2029), b.1795-


ROYCE, Eleanor (marriage to Benjamin PACKARD) (i396), b.1790-d.1829


RUGGLES, ? (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1561), b.1795-
RUGGLES, Susanna (i1562), b.1816-


SADLER, Eunice (marriage to Chester PACKARD) (i2104), b.1796-d.1830


SAMPSON, Benjamin (marriage to Anne PACKARD) (i889), b.1750-
SAMPSON, Philo (marriage to Almera Cushman PACKARD) (i2056), b.1810-


SANBORN, Carrie (marriage to George B. PACKARD) (i2024), b.1860-


SANDS, Catherine Odessa (marriage to Joseph Edwin PACKARD) (i1010), b.1860-


SAWYER, Mary (marriage to Silas PACKARD) (i1742), b.1837-d.1914


SCOTT, Abigail (marriage to Sihon PACKARD) (i1658), b.1775-
SCOTT, D. C. (marriage to Anna P. PACKARD) (i999), b.1820-


SCOTWELL, Eli (marriage to Almira PACKARD) (i1000), b.1820-


SEARS, Huldah J. Thomas (marriage to Austin PACKARD) (i2123), b.1816-d.1897


SELDEN, Hon. Dudley (marriage to ? PACKARD) (i1396), b.1800-


SENNET, Eli M. (marriage to Selina Fobes PACKARD) (i2058), b.1815-


SHAW, Hannah (marriage to Eliab PACKARD) (i1194), b.1770-
SHAW, Hannah (marriage to Eliab PACKARD) (i1194), b.1770-
SHAW, Hannah (marriage to Mark PACKARD) (i1490), b.1755-
SHAW, Newton (marriage to Olive PACKARD) (i1444), b.1795-
SHAW, Zechariah (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i838), b.1700-


SHEPARD, Isaac (marriage to Sally LEONARD) (i1840), b.1760-


SIMMONS, ? (marriage to Bertha CAMPBELL) (i625)
SIMMONS, G. H. (marriage to Fannie Louise PACKARD) (i1009), b.1855-


SKINNER, Sally (marriage to Oren PACKARD) (i1669), b.1800-


SLOAN, Anna (marriage to Nathaniel PACKARD) (i397), b.1735-


SMITH, Ann (marriage to Simeon LEONARD) (i1841), b.1740-
SMITH, Hannah (marriage to Abijah PACKARD) (i1325), b.1770-
SMITH, Lydia (marriage to Nathaniel PACKARD) (i84), b.1665-d.1725


SMYTH, ? (marriage to Margret PACKARD) (i4314), b.1610-


SNELL, Abigail (marriage to Eliphalet PACKARD) (i1427), b.1790-
SNELL, Amos (marriage to Mary PACKARD) (i819), b.1675-
SNELL, Calvin (marriage to Polly PACKARD) (i891), b.1765-
SNELL, Charles (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i877), b.1725-
SNELL, Chloe (marriage to Nehamiah PACKARD) (i1426), b.1785-
SNELL, Daniel (marriage to Abigail PACKARD) (i395)
SNELL, Ebenezer (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1016), b.1725-
SNELL, John (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i818), b.1690-
SNELL, Vesta Beals (marriage to Philo PACKARD) (i2089), b.1808-d.1859


SNOW, Ruth (marriage to Levi PACKARD) (i1466), b.1765-
SNOW, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel PACKARD) (i399), b.1735-d.1758
SNOW, Seth (marriage to Anna PACKARD) (i1048), b.1765-


SOUTHWORTH, Benjamin (marriage to Content PACKARD) (i986), b.1795-
SOUTHWORTH, Edward (marriage to Lydia PACKARD) (i561)
SOUTHWORTH, Martin (marriage to Ruth PACKARD) (i1441), b.1790-


STETSON, Sarah (marriage to Soloman PACKARD) (i1141), b.1743-d.1810


STEVENS, Catharine M. (marriage to Fordyce PACKARD) (i2057), b.1823-d.1898
STEVENS, LaFayette (marriage to Laura Sarah PACKARD) (i2082), b.1825-


STILLMAN, Sarah C., < (marriage to Homer H. PACKARD <) (i2378), b.1838-


STIMPSON, Osman O. (marriage to Hittie C. PACKARD) (i1935), b.1845-


STODDARD, Irena (marriage to Philo PACKARD) (i2084), b.1810-d.1838
STODDARD, Sarah (marriage to William PACKARD) (i2077), b.1799-d.1873
STODDARD, Sukey (marriage to Philo PACKARD) (i2087), b.1795-d.1840


STOLL, Shirley Ann (marriage to James Philip KELLER) (i105), b.1935-


STOWELL, Abijah (marriage to Rhoda PACKARD) (i1132), b.1745-


STRANG, A. B. (marriage to Isabelle Emma PACKARD) (i1008), b.1855-


STREAM, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel PACKARD) (i4299), b.1615-


STURTEVANT, Samuel (marriage to Sarah PACKARD) (i1227), b.1750-
STURTEVANT, Samuel (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1045), b.1745-


SWIFT, Kezia (marriage to Maj. Thomas MITCHELL) (i1858), b.1735-


THAYER, Barnabas (marriage to Susanna PACKARD) (i1075), b.1790-
THAYER, Deborah (marriage to Zenas PACKARD) (i1519), b.1770-
THAYER, Dr. Samuel W. (marriage to Ruth PACKARD) (i1435), b.1780-
THAYER, Enos (marriage to Hannah PACKARD) (i1226), b.1740-
THAYER, Henry (marriage to Phile(?) PACKARD) (i1134), b.1760-
THAYER, Mary (marriage to James PACKARD) (i1250), b.1725-


THOMAS, Abigail (marriage to Luther PACKARD) (i1184), b.1770-
THOMAS, Mercy (marriage to Perez PACKARD) (i1185), b.1770-


THOMPSON, Abishai (i1782), b.1747-
THOMPSON, Bethaih (i1785), b.1755-
THOMPSON, Charlotte (marriage to Charles PACKARD) (i1480), b.1795-
THOMPSON, Hannah or Anna (marriage to Othniel PACKARD) (i1968), b.1800-d.1849
THOMPSON, Jane (i1783), b.1749-
THOMPSON, Margaret (i1784), b.1751-
THOMPSON, Mary (i1781), b.1746-
THOMPSON, Thomas (marriage to Jane WASHBURN) (i1780), b.1720-


THOMSON, Lucy M. (marriage to Harrison Davis PACKARD) (i1722), b.1840-
THOMSON, Lydia (marriage to John PACKARD) (i531), b.1703-d.1789


THRASHER, Abigail (marriage to Ransom PACKARD) (i1294), b.1770-


THROWER, Elizabeth (marriage to John PACKARD) (i4321), b.1635-


TILSON, Holmes (marriage to Olive PACKARD) (i1353), b.1775-


TITUS, Lydia (marriage to Robert PACKARD) (i520), b.1725-


TOBEY, Elizabeth A., < (marriage to Dr. Nelson I. PACKARD <) (i585), b.1838-d.1919


TORREY, Ellen (marriage to Levi Spencer PACKARD) (i2149), b.1830-d.1864


TRACY, Lydia (marriage to Silas PACKARD) (i579), b.1795-d.1838


UPHAM, Frank Sherman (i2380), b.1890-
UPHAM, Nelson (marriage to Gertrude A. PACKARD) (i2379), b.1860-


VAUGHN, George (marriage to Faithful PACKARD) (i392), b.1700-


VINSON, ? (marriage to John PACKARD) (i548)


WADE, Keziah (marriage to Job PACKARD) (i859), b.1730-


WALES, Mary (marriage to William PACKARD) (i1362), b.1750-
WALES, Thomas (marriage to Chloe PACKARD) (i1481), b.1790-


WARNER, Mary Ann (marriage to Luther M. PACKARD) (i2116), b.1820-


WARREN, Ezra (marriage to Mercy PACKARD) (i1102), b.1735-


WASHBURH, Martha (marriage to Jonathan LEONARD) (i1824), b.1735-


WASHBURN, Abishai, < (i465), b.1720-
WASHBURN, Abraham (i463), b.1717-
WASHBURN, Abraham (i1770), b.1742-
WASHBURN, Benjamin (marriage to Zerviah PACKARD) (i513)
WASHBURN, Betty (i1778), b.1752-
WASHBURN, Calvin (i1775), b.1745-
WASHBURN, Content (i467), b.1724-
WASHBURN, Ebenezer (i525), b.1750-
WASHBURN, Hannah (i523), b.1744-
WASHBURN, Hannah (i1772), b.1746-
WASHBURN, Isaac S. (marriage to Susanna RUGGLES) (i1563), b.1815-
WASHBURN, Jane (i466), b.1722-
WASHBURN, John (i460), b.1711-d.1797
WASHBURN, John (i1774), b.1743-
WASHBURN, John (marriage to Margaret PACKARD) (i387), b.1680-d.1746
WASHBURN, Lucy (i1769), b.1740-
WASHBURN, Luther (i1776), b.1747-
WASHBURN, Margaret (i464), b.1718-
WASHBURN, Martin (i1777), b.1750-
WASHBURN, Nathaniel (i461), b.1713-
WASHBURN, Nathaniel (i1771), b.1744-
WASHBURN, Robert (i462), b.1715-
WASHBURN, Sarah (i524), b.1748-
WASHBURN, Sarah, < (i1767), b.1740-
WASHBURN, Thomas, < (i1766), b.1738-


WATERMAN, Eratious (marriage to Diantah PACKARD) (i574)


WATSON, ? (marriage to Betsey PACKARD) (i913), b.1795-
WATSON, Andrew (marriage to Sally PACKARD) (i573)


WATTS, Elizabeth (marriage to John PACKARD) (i4307), b.1603-d.1624


WEST, Samuel, < (marriage to Mehitabel PACKARD) (i528)
WEST, Thomas (marriage to Mercy PACKARD) (i900), b.1730-


WHITE, Esther (marriage to Ambrose PACKARD) (i1081), b.1775-


WHITEMARSH, Susan (or Sarah) (marriage to Micah PACKARD) (i1151), b.1790-


WHITNEY, William D. (marriage to Lena CAMPBELL) (i126), b.1863-d.1953


WHITTON, Abijah (marriage to Lavina C. PACKARD) (i2030), b.1795-


WILD, Atherton (marriage to Lucy PACKARD) (i1417), b.1780-
WILD, Joseph (marriage to Charlotte PACKARD) (i1531), b.1795-


WILEY, Sarah Jane (marriage to Peter Monfort PACKARD) (i1001), b.1817-d.1895


WILLARD, Armour (i2019), b.1892-
WILLARD, Clara (i2015), b.1865-
WILLARD, George M. (i2014), b.1863-
WILLARD, M.V. (marriage to Ellen I. PACKARD) (i2013), b.1840-
WILLARD, Max (i2018), b.1890-
WILLARD, Urania (i2017), b.1887-


WILLIAMS, Martha (marriage to Jonathan PACKARD) (i1196), b.1730-


WILLIS, Capt. Jonathan (marriage to Judith PACKARD) (i1640), b.1730-
WILLIS, Chloe (marriage to Silas PACKARD Esq) (i1474), b.1765-
WILLIS, Mary (marriage to Joseph PACKARD) (i834), b.1700-


WINSLOW, Ezra Spooner (marriage to Lucinda PACKARD) (i809), b.1806-
WINSLOW, Lucinda Marcella (i2372), b.1831-d.1913


WOOD, Elihu (marriage to Ann Maria PACKARD) (i1334), b.1790-
WOOD, Mamie (marriage to Robert Lee JOHNSON) (i662), b.1906-d.1991


WOODARD, Nancy Jane (marriage to Benjamin Frank PACKARD) (i1756), b.1850-


WRIGHT, Elizabeth (marriage to George PACKARD) (i4312), b.1625-
WRIGHT, Elizabeth (marriage to John PACKARD) (i4308), b.1610-
WRIGHT, Francisco (marriage to Hittie C. PACKARD) (i2022), b.1850-


WYTHER, Marie (Mary) (marriage to George PACKARD) (i4301), b.1574-


YOUNGS, Edwin (i629), b.1832-
YOUNGS, Elias (i630), b.1834-d.1910
YOUNGS, Fanny (i632), b.1837-
YOUNGS, George (i628), b.1830-
YOUNGS, Lewis (i631), b.1835-
YOUNGS, Thomas (marriage to Joanna PACKARD) (i620), b.1804-
YOUNGS, William (i627), b.1827-

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