40. Joseph5 PACKARD (John4, Samuel3, George2, Moses1)(136) was born circa 1690. Joseph died in 1760 at 70 years of age.(137)

He married Susanna MITCHELL 1724.(138) Susanna was born circa 1700. (Additional notes for Susanna MITCHELL(139)) Susanna died in 1756 at 56 years of age.(140)

The record of Joseph Packard provided by Mitchell is, by his own account, a subject of some confusion. He notes that it is difficult to distinguish this family from that of Joseph, son of Samuel Packard and Elizabeth Edson. The record given here is that provided by Mitchell.

Joseph PACKARD and Susanna MITCHELL had the following children:

child + 131 i. John6 PACKARD was born circa 1726.

child 132 ii. Joseph PACKARD was born circa 1728. Joseph is deceased. He migrated circa 1765 to Brookfield, Worcester County, MA.

child + 133 iii. Edward PACKARD was born circa 1730.

child 134 iv. Parnel PACKARD(141) was born circa 1730. Parnel is deceased. She married David JOHNSON 1751.(142) David was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for David JOHNSON(143)) David is deceased.

child 135 v. Susanna PACKARD(144) was born circa 1732. Susanna is deceased. She married three times. She married William ALLEN 1748.(145) William was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for William ALLEN(146)) William is deceased. She married Isaac ALLEN after 1748/1749.(147) Isaac was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for Isaac ALLEN(148)) Isaac is deceased. She married Othniel GILBERT after 1748/1749.(149) Othniel was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for Othniel GILBERT(150)) Othniel is deceased. Othniel served as a Deacon.

child 136 vi. Judith PACKARD(151) was born circa 1732. Judith is deceased. She married Capt. Jonathan WILLIS 1752.(152) Jonathan was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for Capt. Jonathan WILLIS(153)) Jonathan is deceased.

child 137 vii. Mary PACKARD(154) was born circa 1734. Mary is deceased. She married Nathaniel HAYWARD 1762.(155) Nathaniel was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for Nathaniel HAYWARD(156)) Nathaniel is deceased.

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