150. Capt. Nathan6 PACKARD (Zachariah5, Nathaniel4, Samuel3, George2, Moses1) was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA on 24 April 1733.(606) Nathan died on 17 February 1798 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA, at 64 years of age.(607)

He married Lydia JACKSON 1758 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.(608) Lydia was born circa 1730. Lydia(609) was the daughter of Ephraim JACKSON. Lydia died on 1 April 1812 at 81 years of age.(610)

Capt. Nathan PACKARD and Lydia JACKSON had the following children:

child 442 i. Oliver7 PACKARD(611) was born circa 1760. Oliver is deceased. He married Mary DUNBAR 1785.(612) Mary was born circa 1760. (Additional notes for Mary DUNBAR(613)) Mary is deceased.

child + 443 ii. Elijah PACKARD was born circa 1762.

child 444 iii. Ransom PACKARD(614) was born circa 1766. Ransom is deceased. He married Abigail THRASHER 1797.(615) Abigail was born circa 1770. (Additional notes for Abigail THRASHER(616)) Abigail is deceased.

child 445 iv. Perez PACKARD(617) was born circa 1768. Perez is deceased. He married Elizabeth REYNOLDS 1803.(618) Elizabeth was born circa 1775. Elizabeth is deceased.

child + 446 v. Nathan PACKARD was born in 1769.(619)

child 447 vi. Sullivan PACKARD(620) was born circa 1770. Sullivan is deceased. He married Lucy JACKSON 1805.(621) Lucy was born circa 1780. (Additional notes for Lucy JACKSON(622)) Lucy is deceased.

child 448 vii. Jonas PACKARD <(623) was born circa 1772. Jonas died in 1819 at 47 years of age.(624)

child 449 viii. Sarah PACKARD(625) was born circa 1774. Sarah is deceased. She married Zepheniah LATHROP 1779.(626) Zepheniah was born circa 1770. (Additional notes for Zepheniah LATHROP(627)) Zepheniah is deceased.

child 450 ix. Abigail PACKARD was born circa 1776. Abigail is deceased. She married Jonas HOWARD 1784.(628) Jonas was born circa 1775. (Additional notes for Jonas HOWARD(629)) Jonas is deceased.

child 451 x. Lydia PACKARD was born circa 1778. Lydia is deceased. She married Bernard CLAPP 1793.(630) Bernard was born circa 1775. (Additional notes for Bernard CLAPP(631)) Bernard is deceased.

child 452 xi. Olive PACKARD(632) was born circa 1780. Olive is deceased. She married Samuel DICKERMAN 1799.(633) Samuel was born circa 1780. (Additional notes for Samuel DICKERMAN(634)) Samuel is deceased.

child 453 xii. Roxanna PACKARD(635) was born circa 1782. Roxanna is deceased. She married Samuel RANDALL 1805.(636) Samuel was born circa 1780. (Additional notes for Samuel RANDALL(637)) Samuel is deceased.

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