789. Silas8 PACKARD (Benjamin7, Elijah6, Zachariah5, Nathaniel4, Samuel3, George2, Moses1) was born in VT on 9 March 1793.(1630) Silas died on 8 September 1830 at 37 years of age.

He married Lydia TRACY circa 1820. Lydia was born circa 1795. Lydia died in December 1838 in Decatur, Macon County, IL, at 43 years of age.(1631)

Silas Packard was born either in MA or VT during the period when his parents were moving to Vermont. He grew up, married, and had his children in Royalton, Windsor Co, Vermont. There is some mention made of him in the History of Royalton, Vermont and he appears in the 1820 census for that location. In August 1808, at the age of 15, it was reported by his father that he and his older brother Benjamin had run away from home. This was apparently a difficult time. His mother had died in June, near the same time that his brother, Ira, was born. His brother, Charles, was yet to die in November of the same year. Their motivation for running away is unknown, but these other events may have had some bearing. In any event, he later returned, married there, probably about 1816, and settled down in Royalton until about 1830. Silas ran a tannery there on Broad Brook, where his father had owned land. He apparantly participated in local affairs, as The History of Royalton noted that in March 1827 he requested, with others, the organizing of district 5 and was on the Arrangements Committee for that year's July 4th Celebration. One marriage record has also been found during that time indicating that Silas was a Justice of the Peace.

In 1830, Silas and his family moved with the Amos Robinsons to Decatur, Macon Co., IL. The reason for this is unknown, as his brothers, Benjamin and Ira, and sister, Lucinda, all resided in upstate New York at that time. He appears in the 1830 census for Macon Co, IL, but died shortly after on 8 Sep 1830. He is buried in the Decatur Greenwood Cemetery. An excerpt from the Robinson papers in "Royalton, Vermont", by Hope Nash, includes a letter on 8 September 1830 from Amos Robinson's wife to her son Joseph in Vermont:

"We arrived here July the 26. We (were) so sick for some days that there was not one able to carry a drink of water to the others among the five. Mr. Silas Packard is no more. He departed this life...about 1 o'clock. The family are all sick. The disorder of which he died is called fever and ague. As for your father, his expectations are apparantly all cut off. We were all of us making great dependence on Mr. Packard's assisting us. Of the bereft widow, her loss cannot be estimated, and those dear little children."

Silas Packard's wife, Lydia, remarried in the year after his death and died in 1838. The information on their children has been constructed solely from census and marriage records for Macon Co, IL. The places of birth indicate they were born in VT and, thus, all moved to Illinois with their parents. One child, born in VT in about 1817, as evidenced by the record of a payment to a Dr. Denison, has not been identified. Another, Edmund, may be erroneously ascribed to Silas and Lydia. In the 1850 census he indicated his place of birth as New Hampshire. In other respects, though, it would seem that he belongs to Silas, as no other branches of Packards resided in that area. However, no other evidence has yet been discovered to prove that he is indeed Silas' son.

Silas PACKARD and Lydia TRACY had the following children:

child 963 i. ?19 PACKARD was born in Royalton, Windsor County, VT in 1817.(1632)

child + 964 ii. Edmund PACKARD was born in 1821.

child + 965 iii. Anson PACKARD was born circa 1822.(1633)

child + 966 iv. Marietta PACKARD was born in 1825.

child + 967 v. Elizabeth O. PACKARD was born in 1828.

child 968 vi. Silas PACKARD was born in Royalton, Windsor County, VT in 1829. Silas died in 1908 in Decatur, Macon County, IL, at 79 years of age.(1634) He married Mary SAWYER 27 May 1856 in Decatur, Macon County, IL.(1635) Mary was born in 1837 in Illinois. Mary died in 1914 in Decatur, Macon County, IL, at 77 years of age.(1636) She was listed on 12 June 1860 in the Federal census in Decatur, Macon County, IL(age 23).(1637)

Silas was Farmer. On 12 June 1860 the Federal census listed Silas as head of household in Decatur, Macon County, IL(age 31, born in Vermont).(1638)

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