432. Benjamin7 PACKARD (Elijah6, Zachariah5, Nathaniel4, Samuel3, George2, Moses1) was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA on 7 June 1760.(1295) Benjamin died on 19 September 1823 in Royalton, Windsor County, VT.(1296)

He married twice. He married Mehetebel FOBES 8 Sep 1784 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.(1297) Mehetebel was born on 9 March 1768 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA. Mehetebel was the daughter of Eliab FOBES and Mehetebel AMES. Mehetebel died on 26 June 1808 in Royalton, Windsor County, VT, at 40 years of age. According to conflicting evidence, she married Benjamin PACKARD 18 Sep 1784 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.(1298) He married Abigail BOWMAN 21 Jun 1809 in Royalton, Windsor County, VT.(1299) Abigail was born in 1779 in Barnard, Windsor County, VT.(1300) Abigail died on 31 January 1858 in Barnard, Windsor County, VT, at 78 years of age.(1301)

According to conflicting evidence, he married Mehetebel FOBES 18 Sep 1784 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.(1302)

Benjamin Packard was only sixteen years old when he joined the Massachusetts Line of the Contenental Army as a Private. He remained in the Army during the entire Revolutionary War until his discharge as a Sergeant over six years later. During that period he particpated in many of the famous events and battles of the War. He was at Albany opposing Burgoyne, at the battle of Monmouth, was at Valley Forge in the spring of 1778, and was in Scammel's Regiment at Yorktown where he witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis. At age 21 he was described as being 5'8" tall, dark complexion with black eyes and black hair. His discharge was signed by Major General Knox at West Point, NY on 23 October 1783. He returned to Bridgewater, MA where he married Mehetebel Fobes in September of 1784. Sometime between 1788 and 1797 he moved to Vermont; first to Barnard and then to Royalton, in 1797, where he remained until his death in 1823.

Benjamin PACKARD and Mehetebel FOBES had the following children:

child + 786 i. Lyman8 PACKARD XXX was born in January 1785.(1303)

child + 787 ii. Benjamin PACKARD was born on 10 July 1788.

child 788 iii. Charles PACKARD < was born in Massachusetts on 29 July 1790. Charles died on 13 November 1808 in Royalton, Windsor County, VT, at 18 years of age.

child + 789 iv. Silas PACKARD was born on 9 March 1793.(1304)

child 790 v. Lucy PACKARD < was born in Royalton, Windsor County, VT on 18 May 1800.(1305) Lucy died on 17 March 1803 in Royalton, Windsor County, VT, at 2 years of age.(1306)

child + 791 vi. Dr. Ira F. PACKARD was born on 7 June 1808.(1307)

Benjamin PACKARD had the following child:

child + 792 vii. Lucinda PACKARD was born on 8 May 1805.(1308)

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