147. Elijah6 PACKARD (Zachariah5, Nathaniel4, Samuel3, George2, Moses1) was born on 26 January 1726. Elijah died in May 1766 at 40 years of age.

He married Mary RIDER circa 1754. Mary was born circa 1730. (Additional notes for Mary RIDER(589)) Mary died circa 1790.

After graduating from Harvard University, Rev Elijah Packard was a minister at Plymouth before taking the ministry at Marlborough where his first child, Abigail, was born, probably about 1758. He returned to Plymouth prior to 1760 and his remaining three children were born there. Elijah died at age 40 in 1766 at Bridgewater. According to Ira Packard's 1889 St.Joseph Co MI biography, Elijah "was murdered by a robber and highwayman, one Bolton, who was afterward hung for robbery in Canada, confessing his guilt on the scaffold." Also, according to that biography, Ira Packard had "the old family Bible in two large volumes, which was printed in London, England, in 1683, and was bought by Grandfather Elijah Packard. It has written on the fly-leaf - 'Elijah Packard, his book, price 21. Bought of William Joseph Snell, in the year 1752.'" Elijah Packard had made no will and his estate was probated with his wife, Mary, as executrix (2 Jun 1766, book 17, pg 164, Plymouth Co Probate). His estate, listed at that time in book 19, pg 378, was valued at a bit more than 672 pounds. The appraisers also said, "And as for his lands lying in the eastward countrys we know nothing of." On 10 Oct 1768 (book 20, page 127), the court appointed Mary as guardian for the four children who were all under 14 years old. The probate account was not settled until 4 May 1773 (book 21, page 279) when the court approved payments from the estate of about 100 pounds. The court ordered the equitable division of Elijah's real property on 2 Feb 1782. The division was approved on 10 Apr 1782. Elijah's wife, Mary, received one-half of the house and other buildings and 12 acres. Abigail received the other half of the house and buildings and 10 acres. Benjamin received 27 acres and Elijah Jr received about 13 acres.

Elijah PACKARD and Mary RIDER had the following children:

child + 432 i. Benjamin7 PACKARD was born on 7 June 1760.(590)

child + 433 ii. Abigail PACKARD was born circa 1758.

child + 434 iii. Elijah PACKARD was born on 20 October 1762.(591)

child 435 iv. Mary(Polly) PACKARD was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA on 13 December 1765.(592) Mary(Polly) is deceased. She married Jesse FOBES 1795. Jesse was born circa 1760. Jesse died circa 1820.

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