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?, Carol (marriage to Keith MATHEWS) (i113), b.1950-
?, Catherine (marriage to Maj. Richard William FAITHFULL) (i155), b.1820-d.1864
?, Gail (marriage to Andrew JONES) (i100), b.1950-


AGG, Maria (marriage to Col. William Conrad FAITHFULL) (i146), b.1786-d.1851


BRIGGS, Mary (marriage to Maj-Gen. William Henry McCAUSLAND) (i193), b.1841-d.1915


CHAMBERLAIN, Martha (marriage to William FAITHFULL) (i172), b.1730-


CRANNA, Donald George (marriage to Veronica May WOLFF) (i4), b.1920-d.1973
CRANNA, Patricia May (i2), b.1947-
CRANNA, William Charles (i116), b.1950-


FAITHFULL, Anna Sophia (i149), b.1811-
FAITHFULL, Augusta Sultana (i152), b.1821-
FAITHFULL, Catherine Sophia (i166), b.1820-d.1836
FAITHFULL, Charles (i167), b.1821-d.1836
FAITHFULL, Clara Letitia (i154), b.1825-
FAITHFULL, Col. William Conrad (i145), b.1782-d.1838
FAITHFULL, E. Adeline (i158), b.1850-
FAITHFULL, Emma (i128), b.1816-d.1889
FAITHFULL, Frances Turner (i169), b.1825-d.1836
FAITHFULL, Henry Jacob (i168), b.1824-d.1836
FAITHFULL, Henry Turner (i156), b.1846-
FAITHFULL, Lt. Charles Complin (i164), b.1779-d.1804
FAITHFULL, Lt.Col. Richard Coventry (i161), b.1787-d.1835
FAITHFULL, Maj. Richard William (i151), b.1815-d.1864
FAITHFULL, Margaret (i150), b.1814-
FAITHFULL, Maria (i147), b.1808-
FAITHFULL, Martha (i148), b.1810-
FAITHFULL, Martha Orr (i170), b.1827-d.1836
FAITHFULL, Richard Coventry (i159), b.1753-
FAITHFULL, Susannah (i153), b.1823-
FAITHFULL, William (i171), b.1730-
FAITHFULL, William Conrad (i157), b.1848-


HOMER, Patience (marriage to Stanley Chester McCAUSLAND) (i12), b.1859-


JONES, ? (i103), b.1979-
JONES, Andrew (i98), b.1950-
JONES, Ann (i99), b.1953-
JONES, Eric (marriage to Mary Elizabeth WOLFF) (i97), b.1915-
JONES, Gareth (i102), b.1977-
JONES, Glen (i101), b.1975-


LEVERSUCH, Martha (marriage to Richard Coventry FAITHFULL) (i160), b.1755-


MATHEWS, Janice (i108), b.1947-
MATHEWS, Keith (i109), b.1950-
MATHEWS, Sara (i114), b.1977-
MATHEWS, Stewart (i115), b.1980-
MATHEWS, William (marriage to Grace Patience WOLFF) (i107), b.1915-d.1975


McCAUSLAND, Ada Mary (i200), b.1872-d.1873
McCAUSLAND, Adeline, # (i91), b.1889-
McCAUSLAND, Alfred Augustus (i133), b.1845-
McCAUSLAND, Arthur John Kennedy, # (i81), b.1892-d.1915
McCAUSLAND, Arthur Kennedy (i136), b.1850-
McCAUSLAND, Caroline (i131), b.1838-
McCAUSLAND, Catherine, # (i89), b.1887-
McCAUSLAND, Charles Kennedy (i132), b.1844-
McCAUSLAND, Clara Lumley (i134), b.1848-
McCAUSLAND, Ella Grace (i7), b.1886-d.1980
McCAUSLAND, Emma (i130), b.1837-
McCAUSLAND, Emma Louise K. (i195), b.1864-d.1866
McCAUSLAND, Ernest (i201), b.1874-
McCAUSLAND, George (i194), b.1863-
McCAUSLAND, Herbert Kennedy (i198), b.1869-
McCAUSLAND, John Faithfull (i196), b.1865-d.1866
McCAUSLAND, Lt.Gen. John Kennedy (marriage to Emma FAITHFULL) (i79), b.1803-d.1879
McCAUSLAND, Maj-Gen. William Henry (i135), b.1836-d.1916
McCAUSLAND, Marie (i129), b.1835-d.1836
McCAUSLAND, May, # (i90), b.1891-
McCAUSLAND, Nora Blanche (i202), b.1875-d.1900
McCAUSLAND, Stanley Chester (i11), b.1854-d.1916
McCAUSLAND, Sydney Moir (i199), b.1870-
McCAUSLAND, William Graham (i197), b.1867-


NEGUS, David (i106), b.1980-
NEGUS, Donna (i105), b.1977-
NEGUS, Julian (marriage to Ann JONES) (i104), b.1950-


PRITCHARD, Corrine (i112), b.1974-
PRITCHARD, Darren (i111), b.1972-
PRITCHARD, Terry (marriage to Janice MATHEWS) (i110), b.1945-


WILLIAMS, Catherine (marriage to Lt.Col. Richard Coventry FAITHFULL) (i165), b.1797-d.1880


WOLFF, Charles Hubert (marriage to Ella Grace McCAUSLAND) (i8), b.1875-
WOLFF, Grace Patience (i96), b.1921-
WOLFF, Mary Elizabeth (i95), b.1918-d.1988
WOLFF, Veronica May (i3), b.1920-

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